What about your home and Feng Shui flow? I wish you good luck flowing positive energy into the room! However, did you know there are several ways to get good feng shui for home even without having to spend a lot of energy?

So, where do we start? Then how to decorate the space so that feng shui can flow optimally? On this occasion, we will share ideas for getting good feng shui for home. Where do we start and how? Here are simple steps to develop feng shui in your room!

Entry Area!

In feng shui philosophy, the entry area is the area where energy enters your home and life or can be said to be the gate of positive energy (qi). For that, the first area that must be optimized is the entrance.

To get good feng shui for home entrance, you can start by decluttering and removing debris in front of it! When doing decluttering you don’t have to completely remove it, but make it neat and comfortable to look at.

Then take care and make sure the area is clean at all times! One of the best precautions is to put a mat in front of your entrance, this will minimize dirt entering the room.

And the last optimization for the entry area is to add lights! Bright areas with the right lighting fixtures will allow positive energy to enter properly (according to feng shui).

Clean Windows

The next area to maximize the feng shui area is to clean the windows! The window can be said as the eye of the house. To get good feng shui for home, you must regularly clean windows!

Make Good Feng Shui for Home With These Trick

Make Good Feng Shui for Home With These Trick

Basically, a clean window will allow a regular flow of natural light, and this is good for increasing the flow of feng shui in your room! Natural lighting will give more positive energy to users and also make the space feel airy.

When cleaning windows, minimize the use of toxic cleaners. A better option is to clean windows using white vinegar, water, and the addition of some essential oils!

Watch the Door!

To get good feng shui for home, next you have to pay more attention to the door area! From a feng shui point of view, the door is described as your voice and means of communication. The door becomes a portal that gives you more opportunities (in life).

For this reason, you should pay more attention to your door area. There are 2 things to consider:

  1. Make sure every door can open normally.
  2. Make sure the door can open at least a full 90 degrees!

Both of these things have a big influence on the path in life that you will take later, so make sure that these two things really work well.

Ruling Area!

This is an important principle to get good feng shui for home. Area reigns! This area is an area where you can position yourself in your life. Applying this principle can be done in several locations, namely, the bed area, table, and stove.

In feng shui, the bed is described as yourself. The table symbolizes a career. And the stove is your glory!

When positioning this area, make sure to place it in an area where you can see the door directly! When lying down, cooking, or working on a table be sure to be able to see your door.

The idea of a commanding position is that you are in control of your life, this position is the best position to receive energy and opportunities in life.

Remove obstacles

Look at the street you always pass inside the house! When you want to get good feng shui for your home, you have to make sure that nothing stands in your way. This starts from the bed to the bathroom, then to the kitchen, dining room, and so on to the outside of the house.

Make Good Feng Shui for Home With These Trick

Make Good Feng Shui for Home With These Trick

The obstacles or clutter that get in your way are the same things that block the flow of positivity into your space, so clean it up! In addition to obstacles and clutter, you’ll also need to provide additional lighting that will allow you to walk around at night without tripping up furniture in the room.

The thing that gets in your way can be likened to an obstacle affecting your career, so start clearing it out!

Clean Your Room

To get good feng shui for home, you also have to pay attention to the cleanliness of the room! And for this problem, there are several techniques that can be tried. One of them is using sweet orange essential oil which is spread in every corner of the room.

Or you can do it by allowing sunlight to penetrate deeper into your home! For this, you can remove the window blinds and add mirrors in several corners to allow natural light to flow deeper into your room.

Bring in more positive energy

To get good feng shui for home, you should bring in some plants to increase the life energy in the room. Plants are an item that will connect your area with nature and become a natural freshener in the room.

Plants will improve freshness, health (removing air pollutants), and bring positive flow into the room. A good choice for beginners is the Gold pothos, with their ease and durability! Or you can choose some of these plants with ease of care.

To get good feng shui for home, the last thing is to always be grateful for choosing a comfortable and pleasant home to live in every day.

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