Great Window Box Decorating Ideas For Your Home

A window is a place where you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors from inside the house. Places where outdoor and indoor dimensions are separate. Decorating Windows Is something you must think about to add a tremendous impact on your decor, both decorating from inside your home and from outside your room. Increasing the appeal of the sidewalk with an environmentally friendly idea and also an affordable budget is an amazing thing. Learn interesting ideas from us and apply these ideas to your window decoration.
Decorating Your Window To Avoid Boredom
Great Window Box Decorating Ideas For Your Home
Windows Box
What’s less interesting about this decoration, adding some decorative flowers outside the window can make you feel a refreshing and natural impression in your home. Besides having the ability to beautify the Windows Winbox area can also eliminate the feeling of stiff and boring there. We recommend the Windows Box for those of you who don’t have land to plant, with a Windows Box in your area, you will be able to enjoy and breathe fresh air from the plants in your window. A house without a garden will feel very arid, using Winbox is the perfect choice to add the impression of life at home.
Simple tips for installing Windows Boxes in your home
  • Take measurements for your window and the size of the box that you will put in your box, this adjustment will make your decoration more pleasing to the eye.
  • Planting flowers that have a color scheme that matches the window is a good choice for you to do a color balance between the window and your plants is an idea that is worth your try. When installing a window box in your kitchen, it helps you plant some leaves to support your cooking work, you will easily pick it up in your window when you are lacking ingredients for cooking.
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Selection of materials for window box decoration
In choosing a box for your window, you can make your box decorations as creatively as possible and you can also use various materials to make your box. The most popular material, for now, is a material with wire and also with wooden boards. In addition to the selection of materials for your window box, you also need to provide several pots to place your plants. The pot you need is a pot with a small diameter and you can put it in your box. When you use boxes with wire-based ingredients, you need pots with interesting shapes and colors because your pots will look later.
When you plant your window using a window box, remember that you have to make sure the number of plants, soil, and strength of your box. Making sure your box is strong to stick to the wall with the burden they get. Customizing decorations for your box is also an option that you can consider, decorating your box to match the decor in your home is the best way to keep your home stable in harmony with the decoration. Decorate your box with natural wood and carvings when you use the classic agricultural style mode. While the skandi-style house, you can use a plain box without carving.
The Best Choice Of Plants For Window Boxes
Choosing plants to be placed in your box, you really need to pay attention. Because basically choosing plants for the box in your window is not an easy thing. Because you will take care of them and keep them fresh even in sunbathing for hours. Cactus and Sedum are the favorite alternatives for now. In addition to the types of plants for your box, you should also consider growing from your plants. How big will it grow, does it propagate or does it grow tall soaring? If you choose a creeping plant you can make it spread in the corner of your wall, but never choose a plant that grows towering!
It’s a good idea to use a combination in your box, flowers, succulents, and ornamental leaves are a great choice. Another interesting combination also emerged from petunias, sedums, Taiwanese beauty, nuts, onion, ferns, with a small philodendron.
Choosing a combination of plants will be closely related to their care. Choosing plants with good care is the wisest decision for you to do. Placing your box carefully you should pay attention, making sure that each of your plants can get the same lighting.
Cutting and cleaning the area of your box, you also have to do. Manage your plants to grow and always clean the area of your box. Make also a little area to drain water in your box, you will find damage to your plants when the rain strikes and you do not make a place for water absorption.

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