9 Guest Bedroom Essentials Must Have 1

9 Guest Bedroom Essentials Must Have!

Having a comfortable and inviting guest bedroom is something that must be considered. We never know when and who will stay at our house, right? Maybe a friend from far away or our relative.

So, why not prepare the best guest rooms just in case they come? In addition to preparing a charming appearance, you also have to know guest bedroom essentials! By bringing essentials into the room, your guests will feel more welcome.

Guest bedroom essentials to increase comfort?

We’ve shared guest bedroom decorating tricks to enhance your comfort, and I hope you’ve implemented them! However, in addition to decoration, it’s a good idea to also present mandatory items to maximize the comfort in your room.

What do guests need? Each guest may have their own needs, but at least these 10 guest bedroom essentials are absolutely must-have items!

Guest bedroom essentials

Before we divulge the secrets about mandatory guest bedroom items, it’s a good idea to start by cleaning and tidying the room! Make sure the bed is clean, the carpet is free of dust, and everything is kept neat. Don’t forget to minimize storing personal items in it, because this is a room for guests. So here are the must-have items for your guest bedroom:

Comfortable bed

The item that must be maximized for comfort is the bed! In addition to being the main furniture in the bedroom, the bed is also a place to recharge energy after your guests travel far. Providing the best bedding for guests will make your guests feel more comfortable and welcome!

9 Guest Bedroom Essentials Must Have 4
9 Guest Bedroom Essentials Must Have 4

In addition to a soft and comfortable bed, don’t forget to provide clean sheets! Investing in some quality sheets is a good thing to keep your guest bedroom comfortable. Make sure the sheets have been washed and prepared before guests occupy the room.

It’s better not to just prepare the sheets, it’s even better to give a few extra layers of sheets! Everyone has their own temperature, some like fewer sheets, and some like more. It all depends on your guests.

Setting up multiple layers is a wise decision, right?


The next mandatory thing is coordinated lighting! Never settle for having an overhead lighting in the bedroom. Additional wall sconces or bedside lamps are also the perfect addition to enhance the charm of the bedroom.

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No one knows what the guest’s habits are before bed, right? Maybe they like to read before bed, or play games? At least the extra bedside lamp for the reading light is a good addition! Additional lights with dimmers are also very suitable. By using a dimmer, it will be easier for guests to set the atmosphere as they wish.


9 Guest Bedroom Essentials Must Have 2
9 Guest Bedroom Essentials Must Have 2

Fans are an option for guest bedroom essentials! This is an item to regulate the temperature in the room, especially during the hot summer months. The fan is a must-have item. If you want to save your budget, you can consider using a light fan in the bedroom.


Who likes to sleep barefoot? I don’t think anyone likes it! When you provide pillows, try to bring in some pillows as well as spares. Some people have their own type of bedding! A few pillows can make it easier for them to choose.


9 Guest Bedroom Essentials Must Have 5
9 Guest Bedroom Essentials Must Have 5

Indeed, the cell phone is a tool that is truly multifunctional! However, the clock in the bedroom is a more effective tool for telling the time than your cell phone. Instead of having your guests pick up their phones to tell the time, it’s better if they stare directly at the clock on the wall or at their desk.

This way, guests will also sleep more soundly without being disturbed by their cellphones!


Maybe other websites don’t list this item as Guest bedroom essentials! However, I think the mirror is a very important item. Placing a mirror in the guest bedroom has many functions, besides making it easier for guests to prepare with their clothes, a mirror that is placed in the right position will create the impression of a space that is 2x wider than it actually is.


Don’t forget it! Storage must have, at least enough to store some of the clothes that your guests bring. One idea to consider is to use a side table that has extra drawers, a bed with drawers, or a small ottoman at the end of the bed.


There will probably be enough scattered items that you should throw away! Don’t let your guests get confused or litter in their rooms. It would be wise to have a wastebasket placed in the corner of the room to make it easier for your guests to take out the trash and simplify your cleaning projects.

Towels and toiletries

9 Guest Bedroom Essentials Must Have 3
9 Guest Bedroom Essentials Must Have 3

Many people will bring their personal toiletries if they are planning to stay overnight. However, it never hurts to be prepared before the guests come, right? At least you’ve provided amenities (standard for guests), items like toothpaste, shampoo, towels, conditioner and hairdryer would be greatly appreciated!

By preparing the guest bedroom essentials above, you will create a guest room that is fully comfortable and makes guests feel welcome in your home. So, start to consider the items above!

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