Guest Bedroom Lighting Guide To Maximize Comfort

Guest Bedroom Lighting Guide To Maximize Comfort

In order to be a good host, you must be ready to receive guests at any time! Either planned or not. One of the things that must be considered is making sure to have a guest bedroom that is comfortable and welcoming.

In this case, a good guest bedroom decoration project must be done with various considerations. One of the things that must be done is to bring guest bedroom lighting! The concept of guest bedroom lighting is to give a sense of comfort, enhance the appearance of the space, and give a welcoming impression to guests who come. In its implementation, there are several ways you can do it. Here are guest bedroom lighting ideas that you must know.

Create layers of light

Layers of Guest Bedroom Lighting
Layers of Guest Bedroom Lighting

To perfect the look of a guest bedroom, you have to think like a hotel manager. How will guests feel comfortable and like the room if there is insufficient lighting? One of the most powerful tricks for maximizing the appearance of a space and feeling comfortable is to create layers of lighting. In presenting it, you must keep in mind several factors such as:

  • Lighting Purpose
  • Light Type
  • Lighting time

The purpose of its application is to give the sensation of “awesome” in a guest bedroom with adequate lighting. Lighting features such as wall lamps with sleeves, pendants, pendants, and downlights are great options for enhancing the look and influencing the mood of the room.

However, you don’t have to apply them all! The idea is to provide comprehensive lighting and make things easier for your guests to do.

Giving a cohesive look in the space is also needed to maximize comfort, in this case, you have to create a connection from one lighting feature to another. Giving a coordinated and consistent feel is the key to your success!

Bedside Lamp

Bedside Guest Bedroom Lighting
Bedside Guest Bedroom Lighting

This one is a must feature! In addition to ceiling lights as the main source of lighting, bedside lamps are an important choice because they will maximize the various activities that your guests will do in their bed. In the selection, you must also pay attention to the available sizes! A choice of lamps with the bottom of the hood about 20 inches higher than the mattress will provide better lighting for your guests’ various activities (especially reading).

Bathroom light

Wow-wow doesn’t just focus on the lighting in the bedroom! How about the bathroom inside? You have to bring lighting features there too. The good news is that guests who use the guest bedroom and bathroom in it will not last all day. At least they would use it to shower at night and when morning came. Providing lighting on a lower level will give the impression of a relaxing SPA before they finally go home.

To give your guest bedroom the best look, you can apply the following tricks!

Natural and ambient lighting

Natural and ambient lighting For Guest Bedroom
Natural and ambient lighting For Guest Bedroom

Another guest bedroom lighting idea is to bring ambient light as well as natural light. Natural light works as a type of lighting that will make space feel larger and airier, besides that natural light will also kill the growth of germs and fungi in your bedroom. And in the selection of ambient light, make sure you use light features that make your room bright.

Chandeliers are a great choice in this case, in addition to providing the lighting needed, these lights are also a unifying feature of the existing design scheme.

Shape And Size

Shape And Size in Guest Bedroom Lighting
Shape And Size in Guest Bedroom Lighting

In order for guest bedroom lighting to look proportional, make sure you pay attention to the scale of the features that will be selected. These two elements will be the key to the success of the lighting display in your guest bedroom. Make sure to choose a size that fits the space, as well as the shape.

In shape selection, you must choose a shape that complements the various items in it. Thus, you will get balance in the guest bedroom.


In the selection and installation of guest bedroom lighting, this all depends on the design scheme in your bedroom. Installation of features with chrome or nickel matter patches can be an idea to enhance the charm of a contemporary room that feels cleaner. But the choice of matte black, brass, and copper give the finishing touch with a more luxurious feel!

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