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Living Room

The open living room design has become very popular lately, the living room has become a highway that connects every room, hallway, and outside the room. If this is the day you will start decorating floor plans, you should pay attention to the floor plan and ensure comfort when moving with furniture placement to get a comfortable flow of traffic there.
Aside from traffic, there is a need to think about air and how light enters the room. This applies for day and night! When the entrance becomes the main supplier for the air in and out area, this means you have to prepare the floor with durability to keep the clutter in the room.

Living Room Set

Guide Living Room Set More Charming min
Guide Living Room Set More Charming
1. Scale
The living room is a room with heavy and low furniture such as a sofa, a play area with a carpet, a coffee table area that is decorated so well that gives an illusion of a room with a low ceiling.
However, when you have high ceilings in choosing furniture that is taller and bigger is a good choice to give a more pleasant impression in the living room. This also includes accessories and decoration settings on your wall. Floating bookshelves, large wall art with vertical decoration will provide balance for your living room.
2. Don’t destroy the Wall
Some homeowners who are very open to open spaces tend to destroy the walls to make their space open. In fact, this is a totally wrong way! Indeed you get open space in your home and then you will realize that you lost the wall to hang decorations! In addition to losing this hanging area will also mess up placement and make you confused as to who is the most appropriate to occupy the wall. Is that a television, fireplace, cooling, or decorative art?
There is a wiser way to destroy the walls to open your space. Consider building a floating wall as a room wipe, this is an efficient way besides destroying the wall. An open hanging rack is an excellent choice for dividing two rooms, and this still gives you the ease of getting light or running air.
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3. Needs
Notice how you use the room for what? And how you will fill the room with furniture that supports your use! If this is a gathering room and watching television, make sure the sofa is soft with blankets and pillows to increase comfort. If this is a living room and is used for a work area, it helps you create a special area that makes it easy for you to get access to electricity and also the internet.
4. Television?
This is a special question for you. It depends on how much you and your family depend on television when you relax. Do you tend to relax while watching the champions league match? Or would you rather gather with your family and spend time or activities other than watching TV? This depends on how much your dedication to TV in the living room. To disguise the TV, you can make a TV leaning between a bookshelf and a black wall.

Note !!!

  1. Don’t be obsessed with putting too much furniture in the room …
  2. For TV placement, make sure the TV has a height as high as the eye when you sit
  3. A good sofa placement is with the placement of the TV, and when you have a large TV then pay attention to your replacement.
  4. Consider the selection of a turret that allows the furniture to lean on the rug (at least the front leg of the furniture rests on the rug.
  5. The side table must have a height as high as a sofa arm to make it easier for you to pick up your cell phone or remote.
  6. For coffee tables, make sure it is as high as the couch but better lower.

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