Guide to Choosing a Coffee Table for Your Living Room min

Guide to Choosing a Coffee Table for Your Living Room

Coffee Table

The coffee table is an important part of the living room to create a sense of comfort and attractiveness in the room. The selection of a coffee table for the living room is an important decision, but many forget it. The coffee table is often in the middle of the room and becomes an area to place our drinks, magazines, remotes, and cellphones.
What else gives character to the living room beside the coffee table? Coffee tables are often used to put personal accessories, and become a place to show the personal style of the owner of the house itself. The coffee table becomes a pleasant choice after the sofa and there are many design choices to choose from, and it will definitely be difficult if you only choose 1 coffee table. To facilitate the selection, you can read our article and get the best coffee table for your living room …

Guide to Choosing a Coffee Table

Guide to Choosing a Coffee Table for Your Living Room min
Guide to Choosing a Coffee Table for Your Living Room
Choose a Coffee Table
To get the most out of the coffee table, make sure you make a selection by taking measurements proportionally to your sofa and room. This is a general rule in the selection, the coffee table you bring home at least has a width along with your sofa and make sure it does not exceed the length of your sofa. A good choice is a coffee table with a length of 3/4 or 2/3. Also make sure the height of the coffee table is as high as your sofa, which can be a little lower.
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Table Type
To determine the best type of coffee table for your living room, then it all depends on the type of sofa and the style of your room. Like when the living room has a standard Horizontal sofa you can bring in an oval or rectangular coffee table. When your sofa has an L shape, then bring in a coffee table in the shape of a moon or square. However, this is just our view of the harmony of the table with the sofa you can get without our selection. It’s all about your sense of election …
The oval shape table is a good choice to balance the space and function as it should. This table gives you ease to move and gives room for the storage of items on it. This table is a table that is suitable for you and your children because it does not have sharp edges on each side.
This is the table with the most surfaces and gives a broader look to the modern look in the room.
This table provides an attraction and becomes an inviting table for guests and families, this round-shape table is an option for the living room which is often used as an area to watch midnight movies and snacks.
The square shape of the coffee table will make a good impression with its appearance and symmetrical for any room. This is the most practical choice of tables and gives you extra storage under the table.
The Best Material For Coffee Tables
  • Marble
  • Brass
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Mirror
Alternatives to Coffee Tables
In addition to the coffee table, you can try to replace it with something different. And there are even many who choose to make coffee tables with unconventional ingredients. Here are coffee table alternatives that you can try:
You must be familiar with this one, the ottoman is the answer for those of you who don’t want a coffee table in the living room. Ottoman is a very attractive choice to be a table, footrest, even extra seating. You only need to provide an additional small tray for balance.
Nesting Table
This table has become a new trend to decorate your living room. This table is a choice of tables with 2-3 separate tables with different height and sizes and neatly arranged which form a group of coffee tables.
Free Form
A free-form table is an option for those who want a unique shape from a coffee table. The choice of a loose square or a rectangular material from this table is direct edge teak, but sometimes you can also get a glass table.

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