If you want to grow plants in your yard, but don’t have enough space to do so. So, you need to know that there are still many ways to plant! One effective way is by vertical planting, hanging plants, or creating wall shelves to tackle your plants.

Hanging plants for terraces is the favorite idea of many homeowners who do not have enough space for planting. Hanging plants on the terrace have many more benefits such as easy maintenance, cleaning, and are perfect for those who are short on space.

While there are many options for Hanging plants for a terrace, not all of them are suitable for your patio. Some just come with a charming but not refreshing look! Here is a list of patio hanging plants with a refreshing feel for you.

Hanging plants for terrace

1. Arrowhead

Or Syngonium podophyllum, a plant familiarly known as the arrowhead, a plant which is one of these vines is perfect for Hanging plants for terraces because it can grow to flood baskets and does not require pruning of its leaves.

Top 10 Hanging Plants for Terrace 1

Top 10 Hanging Plants for Terrace

It comes with green, pink, and burgundy tones for you to choose from! This plant can grow well in humid areas and also in shady areas. Hanging on the terrace is not a problem for them! Keeping them in a humid area will allow them to thrive. Try using a medium-sized pot so the leaves flood the pot and create a charming appearance.

2. Petunia

The first hanging plants for the terrace are petunias! This plant has a unique and bright appearance, often referred to as a symbol of youth. Petunias are the most suitable plants to use in summer. It is a very popular choice for placing a hanging on a terrace with its unique flowers and making the terrace feel more fragrant.

Options like the petunia Grandiflora are best for placing in hanging baskets, coming with large flowers that span 3-4 inches.

To make it grow better, you can mix soil with loamy soil in the pot then moisten the existing mixture and coat it up to 3 inches on the bottom edge.

3. Impatiens

Hanging plants for terrace Comes with a variety of cool floral displays and is perfect for placement on a terrace. You can get various color choices such as pink, yellow, purple, white, and also red. What made him really liked was that he wasn’t fussy! Minimal care with placement in an area of sufficient sunlight (moderate intensity) and keeping the soil moist is sufficient for it.

4. Fern’s nest

This one is one of the wild epiphytic plants, they can grow anywhere and can even attach to other plants to grow and reproduce. The leaves are based on how much sun they get.

Getting more light will make the leaf look puckered, and less light will make it appear even. Too much lighting also makes the leaves look yellow, they like moist areas which means you have to place them in a humid area to make them grow properly.

5. Geranium

Geraniums are a great choice Hanging plants for terraces with ease of care! You can find a wide selection of plants in different tones, what’s more, fun is that they can be placed anywhere. When bringing these plants, you just need to make sure they can get moderate lighting, regular watering, and well-draining soil.

In fact, they are a plant that flies hate.

6. Chenille plant

This one option grows quickly and can reach a height of 15 feet if cared for properly. However, bringing this plant to the patio might only make it grow up to 6 feet! Pruning can encourage these plants to grow better and healthier.

7. Begonia

Another Hanging Plant for Terrace option is begonias! This plant comes with an attractive appearance for your garden or terrace. With proper care, they come with a variety of floral displays for your patio. What needs to be considered is to have moist soil, but not wet (stagnant). To make it bloom properly, you can place it in a sunny area.

Top 10 Hanging Plants for Terrace 4

Top 10 Hanging Plants for Terrace

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8. Golden Pothos

It has an elegant look with variegated golden-yellow leaves! They just need a little added light to make them more colorful. Golden pothos is also an excellent choice of hanging plants indoors.

In fact, you can place it in the bedroom, living room, or terrace to make the air feel fresher.

9. Pearl strands

Hanging plants for terraces are very popular plants because they have a very unique appearance! As befits the round beads, they will grow best when filled with water during the long dry season.

Its dangling way of growth makes it a perfect match for the hanging planting method!

10. English ivy

The strategic placement will give you the look of a leaf covering your exterior wall area. To make it appear plump, let the leaves dangle loosely from the basket. Hanging plants for a terrace with ivy will create a professional look on your patio.

Make the basket have more area to make the vines and grow well lengthwise.

For those of you who don’t have a planting area, the choice of hanging a terrace with this list of Hanging plants for terrace can be a consideration for you! So, choose wisely.