Clever Tips Hardwood Flooring Care and Maintenance

Clever Tips Hardwood Flooring Care and Maintenance

Hardwood Flooring Care and Maintenance

After the wood flooring installation project is complete, now you have a beautiful and charming floor. However, don’t forget to keep the floor in its prime appearance. It is necessary to know whatever your wood flooring is whether it is solid wood, engineered, or reclaimed Hardwood flooring, care, and maintenance are generally almost the same!

And what’s even more encouraging is that hardwood flooring care and maintenance is not too strict. When you want to keep the appearance of wooden floors in their prime, all you need is patience. So, keep reading for simple and effective tips to get the best look on hardwood floors.

Clever Tips Hardwood Flooring Care and Maintenance

Clever Tips Hardwood Flooring Care and Maintenance
Clever Tips Hardwood Flooring Care and Maintenance

The first hardwood flooring care and maintenance project were to keep the floor from debris on the surface. Hardwood floors can get scratches easily when you are not keeping them clean in the room. Dust, dirt, and debris can have great potential in scratching the floor surface.

You should regularly sweep the floor (in the morning, and evening) then vacuum regularly. Sweeping might be done every day, but for a vacuuming project, this seems like a pain, right? So, make a regular schedule for your vacuuming at least 3 days or once a week.

Use the Correct Cleanser
Basically, there are no rules in choosing the wood floor cleaning product you have. However, the best way to get a cleaning product is to ask the experts for recommendations,

You can avoid using harsh chemicals to clean hardwood floors. The chemicals that are applied to the final layer can trigger hazing. This material can build up and build up even up to 1 year and this has a bad impact on your hardwood floors.

How To Install Hardwood Flooring For Try

hardwood flooring care and maintenance With Keep Floor Dry
When you have found a wood floor cleaner that is right for you, then use it to mop the floor. However, when you clean wooden floors with a mop, don’t over-wet the floor. A mop with a damp cloth is fine and don’t use steam as it has the potential to damage wooden floors.

Know the Dangers inĀ 
You need to know that wood floors can react to temperature and humidity, when using wooden floors make sure you understand the environment around you. Extreme temperature changes and excessive humidity can be the main cause of wood floor damage.

When you get too much moisture, or underneath it will build up wood. Hardwood flooring care and maintenance are the most appropriate to remove water sources to minimize this danger. When the floor is too dry, you will find that the wood is gapping, cracking, and splitting. This problem can be solved with a humidifier by adding a little moisture in the air to keep the floor up!

When using wooden floors in the house, scratches and scratches will often get, this is natural! In fact, this can be said to be the best part when it comes to wooden floors. When you get scratches on wooden floors, you can use stain stains on wood furniture repair kits and they are quite effective in dealing with scratches.

Hardwood flooring care and maintenance With Recoat
When you find that the wood floors are starting to wear out, this is a great time to step in and dry off! Recoat is a good idea without having to do the sanding. This method is to apply another finish to the top of the floor to regain the shine and life of your finished floor.

Recoat can be a way to give you a longer life for hardwood floors!

More Hardwood flooring care and maintenance?

Clean Up Spills As Soon As Possible
When wood floors get spilled, use a clamshell or slightly damp cloth to wipe up any spills as soon as possible! And avoid using a wet mop and money, because it can damage the wooden floor slowly.

A spill or puddle that is not cleaned up immediately will cause the floor to swell and shrink! Maintaining humidity levels will make the floor more durable and prevent kinks, breakages, and give it a longer life.

Cleaning up spills as quickly as possible and keeping temperatures between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity at 30-50% will do you good!

Furniture Pads
Hardwood flooring care and maintenance that is no less important is to use furniture pads! Doing as much precaution as possible to avoid scratching the wooden floor can be done by sweeping and mopping. However, furniture also has the potential to scratch the floor (without you even knowing it) using furniture cushions will help you to keep the floor scratch-safe!

The last thing in the Hardwood flooring care and maintenance project is to refinish it every 4-5 years! Over time, wooden floors will become dull, and wood floors can be re-coated to create a new look. This is a project of applying a new layer to a wooden floor. Each homeowner can vary the length of time of this refinish depending on his lifestyle and existing traffic levels.

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