Home Exterior Lighting Ideas Must Know for Maximum Result

Home Exterior Lighting Ideas Must Know for Maximum Result

Home Exterior Lighting Ideas

We have already washed it before; it has an attractive appearance not only in the indoor area but also in the outdoors. The choice of furniture, accessories, lighting, and other exterior decorations is very important to enhance the appearance of the front or back page. Home exterior lighting ideas are one of the factors that will increase the attractiveness and quality of the exterior itself.

Lighting selection can seem like an easy thing to do, but yard lights and lighting can come with more functions and options! Lights in outdoor areas can be aimed at enhancing the appearance but can also be aimed at adding decorations at the same time. Here are home exterior lighting ideas that you should understand.

Home Exterior Lighting Ideas Must Know

Home Exterior Lighting Ideas Must Know for Maximum Result
Home Exterior Lighting Ideas Must Know for Maximum Result

Door Area Lighting
In addition to the outdoor door being given a color that has contrasting or eye-catching colors, making the door more striking with lighting is an idea that must be considered. The placement of the lighting in this area allows them to be an additional attraction for your exterior. In addition, the lighting here can be based on several factors such as the appearance, size, and placement of your fixture.

The entrance fixture can be hung, on the wall, or maybe both! Lighting is not only based on the existing display, but also about the level of security that will be given by the fixture itself.

We absolutely love the look of a pendant lamp or pendant in this area, they hang quite high for an eye-catching look. Also, this one option fills in the gaps in the entry area and makes it more visually appealing.

Landscape Lighting
Having an attractive landscape appearance is one of the advantages of your exterior area! The choice of this lighting can be from pole lanterns, street lamps, or decorative lamps on wells. The advantage of this fixture option is its timeless appearance, even when the lighting is not turned on they will still be attractive during the day along with the grass and greenery you have.

Home exterior lighting ideas in the landscaping area will make you more able to enjoy the appearance at night to enjoy the quiet night atmosphere with your beloved family.

Garage Lighting
Like any other exterior lighting, the garage area is a really big impact lighting choice! Display your garage using flood type lights, which are placed on a higher area and they will remain on the trellis on the highest area of your garage.

Make the street area safer by giving it light, no one likes to fall in their own yard. In fact, trails often have more potential for various accidents! This is why giving low-to-the-ground lighting or a few pole lights is a must-consider home exterior lighting idea.

Terrace Area
If you don’t have a sitting area in the back or front yard, the terrace is the most sensible place to optimize and make it a comfortable haven. So, giving it warm and focused lighting is a must-have option to consider. Let a pendant lamp or a pair of wall lamps be the main light in this area. However, fan lights can also be a dual-purpose option for you!

Make Your Exterior Lighting More Maximum with These Trick

Lighting in the Pool Area
One of the most beautiful home exterior lighting ideas for an exterior area is to bring lighting to the pool area! This lighting also comes with several options such as underwater lighting, deck area, and also on posts (if any).

Staircase Area
To secure a footstep that goes up or down a ladder, you have several options to choose from. On risers or lamps that have a placement in the vertical area of the steps with lighting that illuminates the area under the stairs. And also, sidelights illuminate the side of the stairs and illuminate the surface of each of your stairs.

The Most Popular Type of Outdoor Lighting

1. Hanging lamps (can be pendants, lanterns, fanlights, and chandeliers)
2. Wall lighting (These lightings are often used because of their flexibility, and they have more shapes to choose from).
3. Ceiling lights (this lamp is divided into 2 options with Semi Flush-mount lighting, and also Flush-mount)
4. Landscape lights (these lights can consist of various options such as ribbon lights, street lights, etc.).

When doing home exterior lighting ideas projects, be sure to consider the appearance of the house with the harmony of the lighting you choose and its placement!

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