Home Office Feng Shui

Having a work area from within a private home means you have two major challenges! First, you have to be good at separating work (business) from life in the home to be able to work effectively. And second, the lack of social interaction because you will be working alone without a peer at your desk. However, the home office also has more benefits to one’s lifestyle. To get a balance in your home life and home office business this feng shui will help you! This home office feng shui will help you to apply feng shui to increase productivity and also inspire a better work area.

Home Office Feng Shui flow is Better

Home Office Feng Shui flow is Better With These Tricks

Home Office Feng Shui flow is Better with These Tricks

Home Office Feng Shui With Placement
The first feng shui home office considerations are all about locating a home office! And in feng shui, the best placement for a home office is as far away from the bedroom as possible. For a layout that allows, you can find a separate entrance from the office for a more ideal look.

However, if you don’t have enough space you have to make a division of space as widely as possible between the work area and the bedroom you have. This will give you better office energy!

Home Office Feng Shui Design Inspiration
To get a feng shui home office, you have to consider how the home office will be created and get success, prosperity, and increase your productivity. In decorating, it’s a good idea to start by choosing inspiring colors, memorabilia for your career, and various items that will make your work easier and make you successful, at a price, and always feel happy. Since this is your home, and your workspace becomes your personal area, remove doubts, and express the creativity you have in your workspace decor.

Decoration to reach the feng shui home office, requires you to find items that provide positive energy (convenience) in the midwife you are in.

Home Office Feng Shui About Lighting and Air
To get the perfection of a feng shui home office you have to pay attention to how the air quality is and also the light intensity in the work area! When the body lacks light and the brain does not have sufficient oxygen intake, even working at home will not make you feel comfortable and even productivity will not be achieved easily.

Home Office Lighting Ideas More effective

Having direct lighting or investing in artificial lighting with full-spectrum lights and also some ornamental plants will make your work area feel fresher and more comfortable. The freshness that plants give will make space fresher, as well as your body.

Position Home Office Feng Shui
In Feng Shui to get positive energy in the workspace, you must pay attention to how to position the table. In feng shui, it’s not okay to turn your back on the door! The command position in feng shui is when you place the table at a sufficient distance from the door and not parallel to the door itself. And if working against a wall, make the appearance of the wall disappear from your view by using wall art that gives that extra zing to work.

Very Important Area For Home Office Feng Shui
In Feng Shui, you will find 3 important areas in the home office that should be considered for the best positive energy:

  1.  South: Describes fame and reputation. Or often described as “Earthly lights”, the Southern Area has fire energy! This means you must have an item in blue tones, a mirror, or an image of water in this area!
  2. North: Describes a career in life! The north has water energy, when mixing with metal items you will create the impression of water in a cycle of 5 elements at once. For better positive energy, you can use an inspiring image with a black or white frame in the northern area of the home office.
  3.  Southeast: Utama has an energy that describes prosperity. You can place several pictures or items that give the impression of wealth or money. Wood is the main element on the north side, don’t use fire and also a lot of metal there!

Declutter and Settings
Schedule cleaning regularly for clutter and clutter that is littering your workspace! Various clutter in the surface area will drain the free area (appear narrow), drain positive energy in the space, and also eliminate the good intentions that you have.

Make a schedule well, and when you do it regularly get positive energy and encouragement the next day!

The feng shui home office that we listed are just a few feng shui priorities to increase the positive energy in the home office. Make sure to keep the positive energy flowing, and keep things in order! By applying it, you will gain subtle energy and increase the success of your home business.

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