A garden that is not inhabited by living things is a scary garden! And there is no more pleasant sound than a living garden with the whisper of bees flying here and there. Bees are also unpaid employees who help gardeners to pollinate their gardens. Honey bee garden design is very important to give a more charming garden appearance and also create a good ecosystem there!

However, why should the honey bee garden design be done?

In fact, in many parts of the world, bees and other insects (pollinators) are experiencing a decline in their ecosystems, making them rarely found. And it’s worth knowing that bees and other pollinators have a huge impact on the ecosystem! By providing more gardens we will help a lot of wildlife, and provide more benefits for ourselves!

How do you help the bee ecosystem?

When combined, the garden will create a large green area, right? However, what about densely populated cities? For garden lovers or gardeners, giving a little area for growing plants is a great way to keep bees alive.

By creating an area that is friendly and suitable for bee life in a private garden, we will help support vulnerable populations as well as get the most out of the garden.

How to honey bee garden design!

Determine which flowers for your Honey Bee Garden Design

Choosing a flower that is suitable and more attractive for pollination will get your garden on the bee travel list. So, the first thing you will do in the honey bee garden design provides a supply of powder and honey for more consumption. That means you’ll be keeping bees all year round too!

Indeed, there are no strict rules about planting plants for bees but choosing flowers that are rich in powder and honey. So, the best choice is to use a single flower over a double flower!

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By giving a lot of flowers in the garden, such as more trees and shrubs, you are giving a massive feeding field for the bee ecosystem! Also, plants that bloom at the beginning of the year will provide more food for more after a long sleep (hibernation).

Options such as willow, apple, cherry, plum, aubretia, and crocus can be the best plants for your honey bee garden design.

Honey Bee Garden Design with Make strategic planting

When this honey bee garden design project started, you should know that bees will love to plant in a sunny and protected area. You can plant crops in blocks or plots to provide maximum benefit for the bees!

In the plots, you can give vegetables or fruits! Flowering vegetables are also a menu item that attracts spiders!

Apart from strategic planning, you can also create a garden that resembles their original habitat! By creating a corner of the garden that looks wild, it will make people think that this is their natural habitat.

You can allow the grass to grow taller and the stems with perennial cavities uncut for added protection! Plants such as dandelions or thistles are very rich sources of honey and pollen.

Let the grass grow taller than usual so that the flowers will last longer! And this way will provide more opportunities for more people to get to eat there.

Create a habitat for the Honey Bee Garden Design

What keeps bees long in your garden is when they have a comfortable place to live. Bees will prefer to live in other animal nests, in rolled crevices, or in tough grass. When you are mowing, be sure to be extra careful not to disturb the habitat of the bees!

Honey bee garden design can be done without having to worry about disturbing the habitat of the bees by buying or building a private house for them! You can make a private house using bundles of sticks, sticks, and also hollow branches packed into a waterproof casing!

Or you can punch a few holes in the wall or block of wood. Determine that the private home of the bees must be protected, and safe enough to withstand the harsh cold weather.

Minimize the use of chemicals

The last thing to underline when designing a honey bee garden is not to use too many chemicals! Bees will last longer in a comfortable place and avoid chemicals that can kill them. Chemical pesticides that are used excessively can damage the survival of the animals that live in the park.

Trying to control it with chemical means can lead to a decline in the population of bees, predators of pests, and can make your garden addicted to the chemicals you use. To create the best honey bee garden design, you can use nets, garden feathers, and also barrier nets.

The more natural way will make the traffickers last longer and the population will be better preserved.

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