How To Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

How to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Many people argue that small spaces are not comfortable enough, and if the space you mean is the kitchen it may be the problem of overcrowded cabinets, cluttered islands, and very limited counter area. When small kitchens seem smaller these days, maybe this Small kitchen look bigger project will help you change the look inside.

Small Kitchen Look Bigger

Use light colors to Make Small Kitchen Look Bigger
Basically, to make a small kitchen look bigger, there are 3 main components that determine the most, namely color, space, and lighting. If the room feels really cramped and unpleasant, the best and cheapest way to make it appear bigger is to use paint in a light tone.

A small space painting project will not cost you a fortune and has a big impact on enhancing the atmosphere. Options to consider include off-white, beige, light yellow, and gray.

The contrast will make Small Kitchen Look Bigger
To liven up the atmosphere in a small room, using contrast is a very good thing. However, don’t overdo it in presenting the contrast in your room. The biggest mistake in providing contrast is when the homeowner puts it too strongly into the room. For a large (standard) scale room this will work, but for a small-scale room, this is a big mistake!

Organize Your Small Kitchen With These Easy Step

The way that would work in a small room is to play with optical oomph in the kitchen, keeping the display bright and bright is a better option. To bring a blend of color into a small room the way that will work is to use window treatments, napkins, and a few other accessories as well.

Bring in more accent light
You need to know that the human eye will naturally be attracted to a point with a high enough contrast in a room. In kitchens, this contrast is often present at the top of cabinets. When shadows bring strong visual lines to the ceiling and cabinets, usually the kitchen will feel too claustrophobic with high contrast accents.

For that, removing or refining existing shadows will make the room look better. The best way to do this is to add some accent lighting to the top of the cabinet! By adding it, you will get a soft illumination and create a visual contrast that is created by shadows with the result that the room feels more spacious.

And providing additional lighting that is installed under the cabinet and directed at the table will fill the shadows under the cabinet to minimize contrast in your room.

Optimize your Wardrobe space for making Small Kitchen Look Bigger
If you want to make the Small kitchen look bigger by increasing the storage in the room, then try to consider a taller upper cabinet than the standard size. Thus, this wardrobe will create the illusion of a space that feels taller than it is. A higher cabinet means a cupboard with more storage.

What to pay attention to when choosing a new cabinet is to keep the color of the cabinet bright, and avoid overly complicated designs because it can make the room too busy. And a choice of recessed hinges, low-profile bar pulls, or hidden grooves is a better choice than a large ornamental knob or pull.

Placement for various items
Many ignore it and even tend to leave various items on the table such as cookbooks, spices, and even various cooking utensils. While this may sound trivial, leaving various utensils and small items on the table will make the space feel too busy.

If you really want to make the Small kitchen look bigger, try to keep every item in the room. And if you want to buy a new cabinet, you need to consider hidden storage racks behind the cabinets as well as floating shelves.

An organized kitchen will make the space feel bigger than it is.

Another way to make a small kitchen look bigger is to replace the glass doors in each existing cabinet. By doing so, you will gain visual immersion, making the eye think that this is a bigger room. If this is your choice, then use white or light wood glass panels to maximize the effect.

Use Reflective Materials to make Small Kitchen Look Bigger
Using a shiny surface will allow the light to bounce back and give the final Small kitchen look bigger. This is a way to make a shiny surface win and receive light then emit it to every corner of the room.

Choices of bright colors, reflective items, and some stainless-steel utensils will reflect the light coming and they will come as decorative items for your room.

Or you can also consider using glass tiles on the backsplash, so the backsplash will look more attractive and suitable as the focus of space.

Leave in natural light
The last thing for the Small kitchen look bigger project is to maximize the entry of light into the kitchen. In addition to making space feel more spacious, letting the light in through the window will give you a more open view of nature when washing your dishes. Replace your thick curtains with thinner ones, instead of blocking the incoming light, it’s better to filter them out with thinner curtains!

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