A living room makeover is a project that consumes a lot of time, budget, and energy. And the funds that are owed from one person to another can vary! However, you need to know that a living room renovation can be done without even having to drain the budget in your wallet. Creative ways to add color are enough to freshen up the look in your living room. When you ask How to add color to living room, then this list of smart ideas will be a guide for enhancing the appearance of your space.

How to Add Color to Living Room

How to Add Color to Living Room With Painting on one wall
The first effective way for How to add color to a living room is by giving an accent color to one of the existing walls. Giving an accent color can be done in a niche, or specify a wall that is large enough that will be used as an attention grabber in the room.

Use a boulder, contrasting tone on the accent wall, or use subtle accents to add color to the same group of walls but with a darker hue than the other walls.

Use several colored pillows
How to add color to a living room at a really cheap cost? Then you might consider bringing in some bright colored throw pillows. Some of the sheet cushions come in a brighter floral print with a truly dazzling array of colors. Even buying a pillowcase won’t cost you as much money as buying a can of paint.

So, experiment with the patterns and colors you can get from throw pillows!

How to Add Color to Living Room with Bring in some houseplants
To give a better burst of color, you can add color to the living room with some ornamental plants to liven up space. Try to include some greenery that can thrive indoors. In addition to enhancing the color in the room, bringing plants in will also improve the quality of the air in it.

Make sure to bring in the plants with ease of care, options such as finished, spider and snake can be alternatives for you!

How to Add Color to Living Room bring color on lamp stamp
Giving a new look to the lighting fixture can also be an option to brighten up the room. Try incorporating some new lamps, lampshades, or updating an existing shade using brighter colors or to suit the style in the room.

Or you could consider bringing in a pair of wall lamps that flank your wall art or furniture. Not only does it improve the feel of the space, but you can also get color enhancements there!

How to Add Color to Living Room color of the rugs
To enhance the ambiance of your living room, you can add color by updating the look of the rugs. Basically, rugs are items to define conversation areas with a warm impression on the bottom of the feet. By playing with color on the rugs, you will enhance the color as well as the texture in the room.

Using rugs with contrasting tones is a great way to enhance the feel of a space, so consider using contrasting colors in your space.

Seat Cushion
These items are very small and in fact, tend to be invisible, but simply replacing them with new colors will renew the atmosphere in the living room. Start by replacing it in the small side seat, removing the old cushions, removing the fabric, and re-coating using more bold colors.

How to Add Color to Living Room with Bright wall art colorfull
Another way to add color to the living room is by updating the colors on your wall art! Try to use contrasting tones in wall art with attractive patterns and shapes. You can also use the same method for grouping framed photo collections. What is needed is accuracy in color grouping in your wall art.

Best Small Living Room Lighting Ideas

How to Add Color to Living Room Reflect It with mirror
Remember the nature of the mirror “reflects” the nature of the mirror can be used to add a burst of color in the living room. When you have a blank wall then take advantage to bring in a large mirror, make the mirror face brightly colored items so that the room feels more colorful.

You could also consider using a decorative mirror to create additional wall art. Reflecting what is in front of the mirror with a 2x display is the most pleasing of its use.

Paint your bookshelf
Using paint is the easiest way to add color to living room and is loved by many homeowners. By painting a bookshelf, you not only destroy the impression of the stretch there but you can also attract more eyes to the area of the book that you are showing off.

Another way that you can try is to arrange the existing books by color, this does take more time but the results you get are really worth it.

This how to add color to living room can work when you are considering how the final result you will get, so start considering the use of color in every corner and the results!