How To Arrangement Art In Living Room

How To Arrangement Art In Living Room

Art In Living Room

A few days ago we visited one of our friends’ houses which has a very interesting interior design and full of creations. We entered his living room and found that the room was not as interesting as we had imagined. Previously we thought it was because the sofa arrangement and the placement of furniture that was not good made us not feel comfortable being there. However, after we talked with the owner of the house and asked how it could be like this. He said that he also felt strange after carrying some wall art and sticking it without thinking.
So we realize it’s not about setting up furniture in a strange room, but it’s about the decoration on the wall that doesn’t fit in the living room! So we tried to remodel the design on the wall and become the perfect room to entertain guests who come. We finally decided to turn them into keywords in a better arrangement of living room wall art.
So the key to getting a living room with perfect wall art is to provide the best look by bringing in what you really like and making it stick perfectly to the living room wall. This is not about the price! However, about the value of existing wall art. Here are tips for setting the living room wall art that will increase the attractiveness in your room.

Arrangement Art In Living Room

How To Arrangement Art In Living Room

We realize that the first trick in managing wall art is on how you do the hanging! This is based on the height of your wall art, the most sensible idea in wall art hanging is eye level. Ideally around 5-8 inches, this height is obtained from our perspective observing the natural appeal of wall art without having to lift our necks.
When you have a large, wide wall area, the second trick is to hang wall art that is close together and scattered in every corner of the room. Make sure you have a consistent distance from one wall art to another wall art. Make your wall art centered on one-third of the focus point.
To give additional spirit to the living room, you can hang on the black matte frame’s standby style. This choice is a neutral choice that does not heighten other wall art and becomes a charming boundary.
Choice of Art
We prefer the appearance of large wall artwork on one side of our walls rather than the repetition of much smaller wall art. The use of wall art with a smaller size gives a busier look in the room, and using wall art with a large size will provide a more centered attraction in the room.
Create a Wall Gallery
For those of you who are trying to make a series of wall art in the living room, you can start from the middle and group several images that gradually fill the room without cutting the focus area. Spread the wall art in the living room and match it until you feel it fits the look of your dreams.
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Mix Frame
There is no style and appearance of the frame that cannot coexist and give a beautiful look. You can group several display frames from yellow to iron to antique wood. A variety of choices of existing frames will give a different and unique look without feeling bored in the room.
High ceilings
To provide balance on high ceilings, you can hang wall art above the door. This trick works well on ceilings with a height of 9 feet, and this will give the effect of stepping on framed photos and bringing eyes to the larger Living area.

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