Bedroom Accent Walls

To add interest in your bedroom you have many choices from the use of colors, accessories, wall art, and also the use of accent walls in the bedroom. A bedroom with a blank wall is really very boring, isn’t it? So what if we slightly change the blank wall to become more colorful?
The use of accent walls can work well for your room. The use of accent walls in the bedroom will provide additional color, texture, and become the main attraction in the room. In addition to having a large impact on space, the use of accent walls properly can give the effect of a room feeling bigger or smaller.
To get the best bedroom accent wall choices, you can choose after reading the article below.

Accent Walls

Bedroom Accent Walls
Choose a Wall for Accents
Before starting, make sure you have the choice of accent walls in your bedroom! There are some easy ideas for getting a good selection of accent walls in the bedroom. First with the wall above your headboard, because this wall will be a good focal point in your room. However, this is not a benchmark in the selection of accent walls in your bedroom. Because in addition to the wall above the bed, you can get another wall in addition to focus! To get the best accent walls in the bedroom, you can use the following tips.
The choice of walls stands out
This is an easy trick in determining the accent wall for the bedroom, choose the wall that catches your attention when entering the room or when the wall is the first time you see it after waking up! We also recommend using the wall across the bed as your accent wall.
Wall without barrier
To maximize the look of the accent in the bedroom, you can choose a wall that does not have a barrier for your view (Walls without large furniture), a good accent wall is a wall that stands well and gives an attractive and dramatic appearance.
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Make sure when you provide accent colors in the room, you pay attention to the appearance. Don’t be too plain or too busy with the extra colors that are given. The use of existing colors can make the room feel busy and make the visual appearance chaotic!

You might also consider using accent colors on the fifth wall (ceiling). The use of bright tones on the ceiling will make the room feel bigger, but when using darker tones you can give a more intimate and comfortable look in the bedroom.

After you choose the right wall to get accent colors in the room, it’s time to determine your color. Determining the choice of colors can be enough work to spend your time because the color selection must be suitable and balanced with other colors in the room. To get the best look for accent walls, you can use 3 selection tips. First, make sure you use colors that will change your mood. Know how to mix, and combine the colors available for the accent walls of your room.
Warm colors
The use of warm colors in the room such as orange, yellow, and red will give the appearance of colors that attract the eye. The use of colors with warm tones is a good choice for the wall at the end of a long and narrow bedroom.
Refreshing Color
Choices with cool tones with green, blue, and purple can give a minimalist room look to feel bigger and give a refreshing impression. A great choice for a minimalist space in your home.
Monochromatic and Bright
Not always the selection of accent walls with bright tones! The use of monochromatic tones can also be an option that will make your room feel bigger and smoother. For rooms with neutral tones, consider adding a darker tone to an intimate impression in the room that will bind your room.
To get the best accent walls in your bedroom, you can consider using our tips. When you are looking for accent tones for bedroom walls, this is a simple job that will increase the attractiveness in the room with a little touch.

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