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To get comfort in the dining room, we will be faced with a variety of choices from a variety of styles to several sizes in the dining room. This includes options for the size of the dining room and also the size of the table. The style for the dining room can vary, but for the size, you will realize that it is not much different from the height of the dining table. There are several factors that will determine the size of the dining table that will fit in your room.
Like how big is the area in your room? How many people will enjoy dinner with you? And then what form of the dining table will you bring into the room? And while industry standards have a function for guidelines and recommendations, so ensuring the measurement of the room and some furniture must be planned to get ease in decorating the room. Even a slight difference can make a room feel unpleasant!

How to Choose the Best Dining Table

How to Choose the Best Dining Table

Table Height
The dining table does not only have one shape, but the dining table also comes with various choices of shapes and sizes. But for the height of the standard dining table is quite consistent in every style that exists. To make the table function properly, height must be paid close attention. To get comfortable when sitting there, the table must not be too low or too high. Thus many of the dining tables have a height of 28-30 inches from the floor to the surface of the table.
The informal dining table often has the same height as the kitchen table, with a height of approximately 36 inches. This table is an informal dining table choice when you don’t have a separate dining room.
Standard Size Round Dining Tables
In fact, the round dining table will make the atmosphere more pleasant and more comfortable, this table allows those who are at the table can more easily stare at each other and easier to communicate with all who are there. A round table is the best form for those of you who like to make a joke when you finish dinner. However, this table is not an option for those who have a minimalist style in the kitchen. Here are the standard dimensions of a round dining table that you should know about:


  • Seating size 4 people: With a diameter of 36-44 inches
  • Seats 4-6 people: A diameter of 44-54 inches will be great
  • Seats 6-8 people: Diameter 54-74 inches makes a perfect choice.


Oval table
When you are the person who will bring more people into the dining room, then you might choose a leafy round dining table that has the flexibility to expand and narrow its size. However, also consider purchasing an oval dining table in your dining room. This table can be a great choice for a minimalist space with a non-prominent angle.
  • You can consider a table with a diameter of 36-44 inches with elongated leaves
  • The seating area of 4-6 people: 36 inches x 56 inches in diameter
  • Seating area 6-8 people: 36 inches x 72 inches in diameter
  • And 8-10 people: with a diameter of 36 inches x 84 inches.
Square table
The rectangular dining table can have a lot of fatigue and shortcomings that must be considered. Everyone sitting there can get closer to a more romantic dinner with a warm conversation. However, when you try to bring more people into the dining area you must use a rectangular dining table. And this table will never be suitable for a narrow dining area.

The most reasonable size for a 4-person dining table is 33-37 inches.

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Standard rectangular size
Dining tables with different shapes have advantages and disadvantages of each, such as a rectangular table is a choice of the most incoming table will be for the dining room. This table is a dining table choice that takes up more area with the best view for large gatherings in your home. A narrow rectangular table is a choice with a shape suitable for an elongated and sleek dining room. There is also a choice of dining tables with leaves that will be a great choice for changing the table size.
  • Table with 4 people: 36 inches x 48 wide
  • 4-6 people: 36 x 60 inches wide
  • 6-8 people: 36 x 80 inches.

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