How to clean hard floor smartly and quickly min

How To Clean Hard Floor Smartly And Quickly

Hard Floor

Do you use wood floors in your home? And want to keep the floor clean, fresh? Find out how to keep your floor clean in a smart way.

The floor is the most spacious part of your home, with high traffic that allows accidents and spills every day. Then how do you keep the wooden floor clean and keep the floor safe in a powerful way? Carefully caring for your floor saves you time and keeps the floor clean.

To keep the floor clean, you must know the most effective tricks in guarding. Even you have to prepare yourself from uncertain weather. Like removing shoes when entering the room so that dirt and germs do not enter your home. Prepare a rag and carpet in front of the door to keep dirt out of the room.

Wood floors are also prone to scratches from your furniture, so prepare furniture leg protectors to prevent the floor from being scratched. And the carpet in the children’s play area to ensure your child doesn’t leave scratches on the floor.

How To Clean Hard Floor Smartly And Quickly

How to clean hard floor smartly and quickly min

Clean Wood Flooring Scheduled
Sweeping and mopping the dust attached to the floor area will become a routine for you in maintaining cleanliness on wooden floors. You can adjust the sweeping and sweeping according to how high the traffic is in your floor area. Consider mopping your floor with a manicured cloth and cleaning agents to make it easier for you to remove dust, dirt, and your pet’s fur.

Choose the best mop for cleaning your hardwood floors including a mop with a microfiber head (a material that can trap dust) to facilitate the maintenance of your floor.

Mop Wood Floors Quickly and effectively
The best way to keep wood floors clean is to use regular preventative and cleaning steps, but you may need an extra schedule to clean your floors. Sometimes dirt, oil, and dust will not be easy to clean.

To make it easier for you to clean hardwood floors, you can use hardwood floor mops and cleaning products that can be melted to clean your floor (read instructions). Dampen your mop in water that has been mixed with watering and squeezing to give a little moisture to your floor. When mopping the floor, use caution to prevent standing water in your floor area. If there is a puddle in the floor area, clean it immediately with a clean, dry cloth because puddles on the surface can damage your floor.

Using a fan or air conditioner to speed up floor drying can be an effective option in mopping your hardwood floors.

Use the best cleanser
When you install wood flooring in your area, you will get a number of good wood floor cleaning recommendations for you to use. However, if your floor has been installed a long time ago, it’s a good idea to consult your cleaning product with the factory. Find the best product to clean your hardwood floors and get easy cleaning your floors. Remember! Never try to use Vinyl or tile floor cleaners because they will damage your wooden floors!

Clean Wood Flooring Naturally
Using vinegar will be a smart way to clean your wood floor naturally. Using vinegar as a floor cleaning agent will save you expenses and this method will certainly be safe for your wooden floors. By using vinegar as a natural cleanser you will more easily and easily clean your floor area.

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Remove the stain from the floor
If you notice stains on your floor area, pay attention to the solution before you remove the stain. Stains on the surface have the possibility that the floor has a hard layer (Urethane). The final dye that penetrates the wood, then your floor is coated with soft oil and this is often found in areas of old houses with floors that have not been finalized or resealed.

Use this method to clean the wooden floor area with a soft finishing touch:

  • Clear Dark spots; Scrub the area that gets dark spots using No. 2000 steel wool and beach wax. And give a little bleach and let the bleach soak into the stain for an hour and then rinse using a damp cloth.
  • Heel stains; Fine steel wool with a little water.
  • Oil stain; Rub the stain with a cloth with a little detergent to destroy the oil and rinse using clean water.
  • Water stains; Use No.000 steel wool and beach wax. Then rub the floor gently.

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