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Electric fireplace to be a substitute for conventional fireplaces, how not? This fireplace gives the same warmth as a conventional fireplace, illuminates the living room with warmth, and has installation and maintenance costs more affordable than conventional fireplaces.

The advantage of an electric fireplace, you will not be disturbed by smoke, do not need a chimney, have no smell, and dry wood problems for your combustion. Think there is no gas and does not produce smoke? All you get is soothing lighting from an LED electric fireplace lamp with a flame that resembles that of a conventional fireplace. In addition to providing extra comfort without smoke and odor, this fireplace is highly recommended for rooms with small children because it minimizes accidents and will have a log-like appearance and emit a warm light.

How to Install an Electric Fireplace With a Bookshelf

How to Install an Electric Fireplace With a Bookshelf min

If you want the addition of a fireplace in your room, with the features that this electric fireplace provides, why don’t you add a bookshelf to complete the look in your room? Bookshelves will make your fireplace more luxurious and a good focal point in your living room. Bookshelves and electric fireplaces will give you the perfect platform to match the Accents in your room and also your book collection.

Here we write the things you should consider when you want an electric fireplace with shelves in the living room:

Types of Listirk Fireplaces?
An advantage of electric fireplaces that most homeowners like is installing them back into a room that doesn’t require expensive investment. You will get a variety that stands alone or that can be mounted on your wall.

A stand-alone variety is an easy choice in installation and you can place this variety on the wall you want and by installing the nearest electrical outlet. But pay attention, you can’t move your variety when you finish installing bookshelves around it so consider which position you will install! Don’t regret it after your installation.

Electric fireplaces have many choices with integrated shelves that make them a stand for your TV! Before inserting a TV, make sure that the weight holding capacity is suitable and matches your TV!

Choose the size that suits the design of the electric fireplace and bookshelves for your living room!
When choosing a size for a bookshelf in a fireplace you must measure the dimensions of the space that surrounds your fireplace, Determine the stud of the wall using the stud finder. Stud Finder becomes a tool that will help you in planning dimensions when you want a bookshelf around a fireplace. And after you find the right size for the fireplace and shelves, now is the time to look for a design that you like to install.

A good bookshelf is a fixed shelf that you can adjust with a lid frame on the back of a floating shelf arrangement with mounting on your wall. Shelves that have materials from solid wood will have longer durability and provide unity for indoor decoration. If you want a contemporary room, then the selection of an etagere with a glass rack is the most perfect choice for this task.

And the selection of standing bookshelves with wheels is the best choice for those of you who are often bored with the layout of the furniture in your room. Move it when you feel your layout getting boring and destroying your view!

Elegant Parisian Style Living Room Decoration

Electric fireplace with heating options?
An electric fireplace will give you a choice with or without an electric heater inside. And there is also a pure choice in addition to aesthetics. And heat the room with infrared quartz or with a fan that breathes hot air into your area.

If you choose infrared quartz, you will get the efficiency of both options and will match a room of 1000 square feet. And the fan model will provide a good perfection of 400 square feet.

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