How to Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Deeper

How to Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Deeper

Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning

Making a schedule for cleaning kitchen cabinets is what you must do to keep your cabinets clean and pleasant. This can depend on how often you cook when at home. If you are a person who likes to cook and always cook every day, then a daily cleaning routine can help ease your burden.
And if you only cook once or twice only, then making a regular schedule every week can be a good choice like on weekends, and wiping the cupboard after cleaning can be right for you. And even for those of you who have never cooked, and find this accumulated dust can be work once a week. Performing routine maintenance can help you keep your kitchen cabinets clean and pleasant.

How to Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Deeper

How to Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Deeper
How to Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning Deeper
Stacking outside the closet?
What is the problem outside your closet? Stacking from a mixture of dust and oil from cooking? With the additional heat, you will get a pile that is very sticky and difficult to clean. For those of you who have this problem, doing regular cleaning will help overcome this problem! Because when you haven’t touched your cupboard for a long time, the pile will get thicker and harder to remove. We recommend doing daily cleaning to facilitate this removal.
Cleaning in the closet?
This only you can answer for yourself. To maintain the durability and appearance of your closet, you need cleaning every few months. When you clean it every few months, this area will last long enough. Although dust, debris, and dirt will still accumulate there. Even crumbs will be easier to accumulate and attract pests! Performing a thorough cleaning every 3 or 4 months will help overcome this problem. Even for dirty or damaged dishes, it’s better to clean or remove them from the line.
Clean-up tools in the closet?
This can be a fairly easy project, use a wet cloth or clean cloth with warm water. It does not need to be wet, just moist enough to make it easy to rinse your wring until it’s really moist and rinse the door, the top of the cupboard, the right and left sides, and other parts. For cabinets with stronger stains, you can use olive oil or with a little dish soap.
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Cleaning the outside?
To clean the outside of the cupboard, you can do routine maintenance there. Use a tissue with warm water and then wipe clean with a little dish soap to make it easier to clean the dirt. Olive oil is still useful when you find stubborn stains on your cupboard and wipe gently.

Start from an area that is quite hidden and make sure the cleaner does not hurt or change the color of the cupboard. If this works, then you can proceed to the visible area.


  • Soft cloth
  • Dish soap
  • Olive oil

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