How To Make Amazing Island With Your Self

The addition of an island in a kitchen is an additional decoration that will make your kitchen have extra black space and extra storage space there. Everyone who decorates their kitchen, they will tend to need this. Planning an island for your kitchen is something you need to think about carefully because the island in the kitchen will be a big problem when you make a wrong placement in your kitchen. When you plan your island, it’s a good idea to read our article.
Easy Way To Put The Island In The Kitchen
How To Make Amazing Island With Your Self
Think About the Destination of Your Island
What is the purpose of making your island, you must think before you make a concept for your island? The island will be one of the functions of the kitchen, maybe it will be storage, preparation, cooking, serving, or maybe washing. After you determine the main functions for your island, you can create and adjust the width, and depth of your island.
If you can make a large island for your kitchen, you can install several stations in it. Like the stove and sink. Or maybe use a chair in your island area, but you must not all chairs will fit in. Installing a cooktop for an island will indeed make your kitchen attractive, but remember you will need a hood above the range of your stove. You will be very disturbed by the unpleasant odor forever.
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Or maybe you prefer an island with a station containing a sink in it? When you use a sink on your island, it’s a good idea to use a dishwasher to complete it.
Think About The Size Of Your Island
You must understand the size you must use for your island. Maybe, you have a kitchen with a large size for your home. When you use a large island size, you will find that the size of your kitchen will feel narrower. We strongly recommend that you make 42-48 inches for open space around your island.
Remember the Work Triangle in the Kitchen
A sink, a stove, and also a refrigerator are work triangles that cannot be cut off by anything. You have to make enough space between you and your island with this triangle, not to cut it.
Avoid Too Many Chairs On The Island
Remember, don’t cram too many seats in your island area. In addition to making your kitchen narrower, too many chairs on your island will make the people next to you will nudge one another. You have to adjust the distance between your chairs, at least you have to have room to lift their elbows without elbowing friends next to them.
Remember this decoration, the lighting should be taken into account in the area of your island. You must create lighting that allows you to cut your meat. Using a chandelier on your island will be the most suitable alternative for you.
You have to pay attention to where your electricity comes from, you will find a comfortable place, especially when you use a blender and also process your food will be an easier thing.
There is no place to play with colors in your kitchen, other than on your island. You will love the color games on your island, you will use contrasting colors there to balance with the chairs on your island and can change colors to your heart’s content.

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