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How to Maximize Home Office Lighting

Home Office Lighting

For those of you who have work areas at home, lighting in your home office will affect how your productivity. Good lighting will increase productivity, and the use of bad lighting can hinder work, make you tired more quickly, drain energy, and also make your eyes tired and dizzy.
So there is no one home worker who does not leave the work area well-lit. The best lighting comes from natural light but for those who don’t get natural light in the room. Making lighting that resembles natural light is a good idea! Home office lighting should at least get ambient light to maximize the performance of the space used.
Overhead, tracking lamps, table lamps, and floor lamps can be lighting choices that should be considered. However, when you use one of these lighting doesn’t mean it’s enough! Here are some ideas for maximizing your home office lighting.

Home Office Lighting

Home Office Lighting
Basically working under direct lighting overhead lights will not be good because the lighting will flood your work area. For better results, you might consider using some ambient lighting to better balance the available light and illuminate your work area.
You might consider adding a lampshade to spread light, and the choice with floor lamps can reflect lighting from walls and ceilings. Its use can be a way to brighten the room without making glare on one side.
And for those of you who work with archives, computers, or some work that requires high focus. Consider using lighting that has a clear definition for your work area, such as a desk lamp! This lamp can have ease in lighting settings in areas where lighting is needed. Choosing a table lamp with swing arms is a good idea for ease of directing your lighting.
Natural Lighting
For those of you who can get natural light in the work area, don’t waste this lighting! Natural light can provide a warmer and healthier light for your workspace, even sunlight is a good killer of bacteria and fungi. However, when bringing in sunlight, pay attention to the intensity that is given! Don’t leave too much lighting intensity because it can be blinding and uncomfortable.
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The best natural light that can be set comes from the front or side of your workplace because it will minimize the existing glare and maximize the appearance of the room. The best choice for this is a work area that faces south or north because the light will not create shadows that hinder your work.
Location Options
Where the light comes from must also be considered! It’s like a choice facing north or south. Lighting from behind the work area can be a barrier and make your monitor glare and this will certainly interfere with your work. For accent lighting, we prefer to use multiple light sources to remove glare and uncomfortable shadows.
Lighting in a home office is more focused on ambient lighting that spreads every inch of space and your task lighting should focus on the area where you work. To get a better lighting appearance, you can use decorative or accent lighting to enhance the design of your home office.
Types of lighting such as light in pictures, candlelight with sconces can be a good way to attract visual interest in your home office.

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