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When decorating a house based on feng shui, you may find it difficult to start with. In which space can you apply feng shui? And what if the room has been decorated first? Feng shui home can be present in your home easily when you know how and where to start.

To help you out, we’ve summarized the ideas for easily creating a feng shui home for a happier home. So, let’s get started!

Present the Feng Shui Home Appearance

Present the Feng Shui Home Appearance in an Easy Way

Present the Feng Shui Home Appearance in an Easy Way

Feng Shui Home Make Entries Brighter
We can start by decorating the entry, in feng shui the entry is an area that represents incoming energy and gives life to each space. We can liken the front door to the mouth of qi, or it can be interpreted as the first place to be able to create the ideal feng shui look for your room.

To increase the flow of positive energy, you can start by removing any existing impurities. Minimize items that are near the door area, and keep them organized. You can start by sweeping and cleaning each entry area, and placing the mat in the right area.

And if you can make this area feel more interesting and more spacious, because this place is an area where positive energies gather. In addition, add some light sources to make this area feel clearer and easier to walk through without having to hit the legs of furniture and other items that are there.

Feng Shui Home Keep Windows Clean
The window represents the eyes for adults, while for children the window is a symbol of sound. To give a good feng shui home vibe, you need to start scheduling window cleaning. Clean windows will make it easier for sunlight to enter as well as the positive energy you expect.

Sunlight has a positive energy that is needed even they also provide more benefits for each space. Apart from energizing, sunlight also becomes the rendering for each object and also the colors you will see there. For this reason, natural lighting is one of the factors that will make space feel more spacious, energized, and also warm.

We prefer to clean windows with white vinegar, water, and a few drops of essential oil to keep windows clean. Choices with non-toxic cleansers are a sensible idea for a feng shui home.

Pay More Attention to the Door
In Feng Shui, doors are items that represent sound and communication. They are also associated as a gateway to connect yourself with opportunities that will come. It is for this reason why the door should be given more attention! When you want to get a better feng shui vibe in your home, you have to make sure every door you have open up to 90 degrees wide and that means cleaning up every messy item behind it will really help.

And next, check out how the door itself performs! Make sure each device is working properly, is easy to open, and doesn’t have squeaky hinges. This sounds very simple? However, in feng shui, it is this kind of thing that affects the flow of energy in your room.

Command Position
Don’t forget about the basic elements of feng shui! The commanding position is a way of regulating how you can place each item in space and also position yourself in life. Make sure to apply this element in every area (bedroom, table, and also the cooking area).

The bed describes you, the table as a career, and the cooking area is the wealth you have. When in a room, you have to make sure that wherever you are, you should be able to see the door without having to line up. A bossy position means that you are in full control of your life and it is in this position that positive energy will sink in.

These Principles Of Feng Shui You Must Know

Remove Obstacles
Go around the house and see the past areas in your house! What items are blocking your trip? Look closely at this path and what’s in it. Make sure you don’t get the slightest obstacle when walking indoors.

Besides, when you organize something every item that is organized is the one that completely works for you! Do not leave items that are rarely or not used in the organizational list. Removing obstacles, and reorganizing will help you get a steady flow of energy without having to cross the obstacle.

Make your life feel wider, and start from your home. Find areas such as drawers, spaces, corners, desks, and so on. Find items that are not needed for the impression of a tidier and more spacious room. By organizing each item in the room, you will get a more open and inviting appearance for various opportunities and extra freshness.

A full space will make the appearance crowded, and also increase stress. Open the room you filled, then selection, and fill again. Doing it regularly every few years will open up more opportunities for you!

Clean the room
To get a more spacious appearance, you also have to do cleaning regularly. Apart from the physical space, you should also clean the energetic space. Make a regular schedule to organize your cleaning, at least sweeping can be done 2 times a day. The more often the house is cleaned, the more feng shui home impression will appear in your room.

Use Plants
To bring in life energy, Plants are the right item! The freshness of nature will be present and give an additional spirit to the room. Plants also come in a variety of species that are unique to care for and clean. Options such as photos, spider plants, or snake plants are the easiest choices for beginners.

The last thing in feng shui home is gratitude for the house itself. This house is a place of refuge, food, and more. Being grateful for what you have is also one of the things taught in feng shui

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