How To Quickly Paint The Exterior Of The House

Are you really ready to paint the exterior of your home? Have you prepared all your equipment? New paint, brush, brush? Have you really prepared all the ingredients and are ready to paint the exterior of your home. There are many exterior paintings that come with an awesome paint color scheme.

However, you must know that to paint the exterior of your home will spend half your work with preparation. Before you actually pour your paint, it’s a good idea to prepare everything you need. Follow these steps, and maximize your painting process.

Preparation of Home Repainting

How To Quickly Paint The Exterior Of The House

The first step, you must take before painting the exterior of your home is to clean your house from top to bottom. You don’t need to think about your budget to rent a washing machine. Most people don’t know that renting a washing machine with straight water to rinse the house will save time and energy. In this case, you only use this washing machine to clean mold and mildew that grows on the exterior of your home.

The function of this washing is to clean the surface, to maximize the adhesion to the new car to your home. At least let your house clean in about 24 hours.

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Step Two, scrape off your old paint. Once you really find your house dry, it’s time you scrape it with your old paint. You can do it with a little elbow oil, and you also need a brush to do it. You also need the patience to do it, because maybe you will get that eroding your old paint will take quite a long time and there may be some that are difficult for you to scrape.

It is not necessary to scrape your paint after 24 hours or when they are dry, but you will find it easy when they are dry or slightly moist.

Step Three, Apply to caulk before repainting your house. Apply it to every crack that cracks on each of your boards and at each intersection. Putty each empty space until it overflows, and then wipe with a wet towel.

Step four, Make repairs before you paint your home. Repairing damaged and weathered areas in your home first is a wise choice for you. In certain cases, you may need special help from carpenters to repair cracks and cover your gaps. Don’t always think about having to replace everything with a new one, consult with your handyman first.

The fifth step, applying primer before painting the house. Primers with an exterior oil base would be better if you use the outside open first. In this way, you will be able to cover your empty wood and create a barrier of air and moisture tightly between the houses and make it easier to paint your job. Sanding manually by hand for rough parts is a policy before priming.

The sixth step, after you get rid of what’s blocking you. It’s time you cover the window and also the area that you didn’t paint with plastic or paper cover. This will make it easier for you to repaint your house without fear of paint spilling on your window.

The final step, Trimming wild plants and trees that block your view. Trimming every tree and plant that touches your house will make it easier for you to paint your house, besides making your house look more attractive. Trimming leaves and trees around your house will make it easier to paint without you having to fight thorns and leaves that are blocking.

Outdoor work will invest more of your time in painting preparation. You will spend a few days before you do repainting for the exterior of your home, but with careful preparation, you will make it easier for your painting than you should stop in the middle of getting rid of something that is hindering your work.

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