Are you a blue addict? Why does someone like this cool color? Hmm, due to the flexibility of the blue color. bluing is suitable for the right masculinity for any home, while light blue is suitable for calm and airtight, ideal for retreats like spas. Then go to apply this color to your living room? Explore good ideas and directly from us and apply them in your space!
Simple Home Desgn

New beginning
Is your area ready? The news makes sense to you, you will realize it’s easier to beautify your walls in blue once your walls are completely plain.
Black Turquoise
Dark turquoise, with the incorporation of a golden mirror frame and gray chairs and pillows you will get a balance in your lounge, a relaxing blue with a mixture of gold and gray is ideal for your home.
Beach shades
Blue is the characteristic color of the deep sea, by applying blue in your home, you can get a cool beach texture with a breeze.
Do you need to understand the tricks to capture the essence of the home properly? Extra colors with gray will be a perfect addition by drawing waves on the water’s edge. This color combination with beach accents such as wooden items and rattan furniture, and almost as if you were at the beach.
Adding incredible floor lamps, these majestic lights remind us of jellyfish, which facilitate this space to evoke the texture of the beach. Cold turquoise walls and seashell accessories enhance the beach design.

The Mediterranean
Make your home like a deep-sea exposure. wall color faded blue, similar to the ocean and white couches and chairs seem like the perfect place to rest once every activity outside the home such as work. make your fireplace with pure white paint, looks like a beach cabin ever paired with ornamental starfish higher than its coat.

Fun and Funky
Make residents in your space feel happy and calm with the blue of your ocean, blue reflects the texture of the ocean and quietness. There area unit several pleasant accents, like ruminant head on the wall and yellow-tipped table. Add a stencil shelf within the corner wherever a chunk of ornamental wood rests in a very tangle of artfully twinkling lights. however exciting!

Summer Vibration
Imagine quiet on a cozy coated white seat whereas sipping a drink once in a usual at the beach. Vases and high chest, every product of wicker, provide texture and visual charm to the house, the feel of sunbathing on the beach by quiet on a soft seat.

full color
The blue vestibule and the bold colored accessories are fun to measure. Colorful pillows bring lots of colors and beautiful accessories, especially the wall clock is positioned tightly on a pile of books, excitement! This area sounds like the perfect home for an epic game night.

Use white or gray curtains, by placing the curtains high to touch the ground, you might get a gentle breeze back through your window. And also the feel of the warmth of the incoming light.


Simple Home Desgn

After you choose to put it in blue in your area. it would be better if you have a house in an area with an amazing view. especially if you have a view of the water from your space. the simplest place in your room is to sit on a white upholstered sofa, tilted into a pillow of wheat sacks and stare at the water nearby.

Light, cross-sectional of white skin appeared on the walls of the sunshine blue front room. Simply color schemes, blue and white, produce areas with cohesion and a way of freshness.

Entertainment Accent
The simplest recreation for contemporary vestibule is TV. Family members watch TV while silent in a very massive section or face to face in front of the fireplace. Double animal skin chairs on opposite sides of the room will produce a separate speech communication area for party guests who seek peace.

There are many pleasant sizes during this living space and unlimited feeding. Inexperienced pops, funky blue ottoman, and funky blue walls produce nice areas. The use of very conscious lines, in the fields of art, rugs and flower vases, creates funky cohesion.

Relaxing class
Know how to use enough shared areas. Brightly colored sectionals provide ample seating while taking over the entire lounge. the most ornamental accents are useful, like a cool finish table. The flokati carpet gives a swish texture and a tinge of color.

Stylish housing
Follow the example of this area once giving a little housing. Sectional sofas and benches, which function as storage, provide seating for all your friends. identical layers of wood in most items of furniture provide a mixture of goodness. Light shelves in white cabinets provide light and elegance.

Two blue reminders
This homeowner knows how to use colors and patterns. The white wall mold separates 2 blue reminders, one turquoise and also a different blue sky. Pillows, tufted sofas and retro chairs all have completely different colors but work together to make a good bohemian lebensraum.