Idea Selection of Ceiling Lights For Every Room

Ceiling Lights

Everyone already understands how the importance of lighting will bring the room to become more luxurious and spacious, in fact, we have written many lighting ideas for each room that exist and you can read every article we review with the theme of lighting.

Even lighting is one element that is always used by professionals in designing a room to get a more luxurious impression. Even in making lighting, there are a number of things to consider such as Placement of lamps, size, wat, and also the color of your light. Each of the above aspects will collaborate and have an important role to build your room. Especially for a ceiling lamp that will be ambient or general light in every room. And this time we will discuss the right size of lights to make your room have a harmonious lighting scheme into the room.

Ceiling Lights For Every Room

Idea Selection of Ceiling Lights For Every Room

Type of lamp
When it comes to considering the type of ceiling lighting you will use, pay attention to the height of the ceiling. Because the height of the ceiling will be the determining factor for the results in your room later. You can get ambient lighting from flush mounts, semi-flush mounts, pendants, or pendants. As if you have a ceiling height of 8 feet, the use of a flush mount or spring still provides lighting for pedestrians below. However, for a height of 10 feet, you can use a chandelier and pendant for your room.

Standard Size
To determine the most common size in lighting, you will do a little math in determining the right size in the room that will be suitable for ceiling equipment in the room. For the right size in the room, you can add the two existing Numbers and convert them to inches. Like if your room 10 feet x 12 feet eats your equipment to 22 inches. Different if you place the lamp on the dining table, then you must know the size of your dining table and subtract 12 inches from the total width of the dining table to get the perfect lamp width hanging there.

Fixtures for ceiling lights come in a variety of materials, styles, and colors. The design of the lamp has an influence on your room. Lighting with a more attractive design will also give your room a greater impression as well, as Tiffany’s stained glass will give a greater impression than it really is. But you also have to pay attention to size, you can reduce the size for your lighting to balance your space. Maybe when looking for lighting fixtures you will get a little trouble in the size that suits your calculations, don’t worry that the size comparison won’t matter if it’s not too much!

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Lamp with a fan
The installation of lamps with a fan is no less attractive for your room. However, still, pay attention to the size of your room because each type of lamp size consideration will remain a major determining factor in it. Especially for fan lights that have fan blades. Fan blades have sizes ranging from 29 inches – 54 inches. You can use these standard guidelines in determining the size of the fanlights in your room!

  • The room with an area of 75 square feet can hold a fan with a range of 29-36
  • A room with an area of 74-144 square feet will fit a fan diameter of 36-41 inches
  • The room is 144-225 square feet with 44 inches
  • And rooms 255 and 400 square feet will get a fan with 50-54 inches.

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