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The living room is the first room that your guests will explore, the room where they will sing and drink coffee while chatting. The general arrangement of the living room is a room with a sofa, chairs, coffee table, some wall decorations to complement the atmosphere, and others. But what if it looks different in our living room? Without having to enter some of these general settings? Let’s think outside the box and make the room according to our personal tastes to make the room more charming without having to be bound by existing rules. Here we have the idea of a living room arrangement without some general rules!

Ideas Arranging Living Room Without a Coffee Table Correctly

Ideas Arranging Living Room Without a Coffee Table Correctly min

Ottoman With long legs
A room with furniture that has heavy pieces in the living room will certainly not make the balance of decoration you get in your space. But what if replacing the heavy piece with an ottoman table with long legs wearing skirts? this method makes your living room has a more open space and balances on each side are maintained. And this method really makes the room spacious, still comfortable, and functional.

Ottoman Storage
Using furniture with multiple functions is one way to keep a minimalist room effective and provide more space in it. What if we replace the coffee table with ottoman with storage? Footrests, surfaces for drinks, and extra storage will make this ottoman preferable to the coffee table! A way that is more practical and saves your space is not it?

Ottoman With for seating
Ottoman has many benefits and uses to replace your coffee table! You can even make Ottoman as an extra seat in your living room, an ottoman can be a good choice when you use a minimalist room with limited seating! Large Ottomans that you can make as additional seats in your room will also be easy for you to move from one side to the other. To add comfort to the ottoman, you can add velvety fabric that is very soft to give your room extra style and an extra comfortable seat.

Accent Table Grouping
Tables in the living room with an accent function can really be an extra necessity, especially when you like the look of the living room with a large coffee table. Use a collection of small wooden tables and Durham Tray Tables in your living room, and get lots of free surfaces in storing your drinks, accessories, or books. However, it will still be easy for you to move.

High Cocktail Table
Maybe we often use the cocktail table in the living room, but this table is a perfect solution for those of you who don’t want a coffee table in your room. The round table could be a smart option to be a substitute for a Coffee table within the living room! This table will be very suitable to be placed next to a chair with large arms, and they have a very good function for placement in front of your sofa.

Two Ottomans will be good
Ottoman is indeed an alternative to replacing a coffee table in your living room, but ottomans don’t always have to be large and take up space on your floor! Using 2 smaller sized Ottomans can be a good alternative too, use 2 ottomans and make a table in your living room and keep them effective in placing your books and drinks. Not only an alternative to putting your drinks, but it will also be easy for you to move according to your wishes.

How to Change a Minimalist Room more a Bigger

Round ottoman not square
For placing ottomans in a room with high traffic, ottomans in a round shape become a very appropriate choice. This Ottoman will give you the convenience of an ottoman in a square or rectangular shape, although they have the same level of convenience, Ottoman with a round shape is the best choice for a room with traffic density.

Ottoman will be the most appropriate choice for a room with a minimalist style, but it will still be charming for a room that does not expect a coffee table in the room. For perfection in the room, you can use the table beside your room to put your drink.

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