Ideas for Application of Feng Shui Bedroom Color 2 min

Ideas for Application of Feng Shui Bedroom Color

Feng Shui Bedroom

The color will make an impact in every room that is no exception, even color will have a profound effect on you and your family! But how would you arrange a color scheme in a Feng Shui-style house that would benefit, and make your house a disaster? There are several principles that are applied in decorating the color of Feng Shui in your home. Here are the principles for decorating and choosing a color scheme for Feng Shui-style homes:

Ideas for Application of Feng Shui Bedroom Color

Ideas for Application of Feng Shui Bedroom Color 2 min

Customize Your Color With Your Personality
For Feng Shui home colors, you will get several elements that will arrange your room with the aim of bringing good luck to your home. Everyone is believed to have elements in themselves, and the colors will keep life (luck) flowing and there are some colors that will make their luck fade. Like, if you have the element “Fire” inside you will get the impression of red, purple. If you have the “Wood” element you will be dominant with green, and light blue. If you have the “Water” element then your lucky color is black, and also dark blue. And many more!

Distinguish Primary and Secondary
Which is the main element in your decoration and then you can add Yin? You must distinguish primary and secondary to balance the elements of Yin and Yang for your Feng Shui style house. This principle has two constructive aspects: First; Your house will give you one primary color that gives 50% of all the colors in your room. And secondly; Primary colors must dominate in the living room or in the main bedroom in your home.

Generation within elements
In this case, you will choose a secondary color that has an effect on the generation with primary colors. Just like when your element is “Wood” the red or blue series can be an option because red and blue are the colors of fire that can coalesce and produce wood.

The following colors represent elements in Feng Shui:

  1. Metals: White, Apricot, and Gold
  2. Wood: Cyan, and Green
  3. Water: Black and Blue
  4. Fire: Red, and Purple
  5. Earth: Yellow, and Brown

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The cycle in the elements and also the colors that tell each other:

  • Awakening Cycle: “WOOD” will make “FIRE” light up; and “FIRE” will create “EARTH“; Inside “EARTH” has the element “METAL“; “METAL” has the ability to run “WATER“; And with “WATER” “WOOD” will grow.
  • Control cycle: “FIRE” will make “METAL” melt; With the “METAL” “WOOD” can be cut; “WOOD” Can destroy “EARTH“; and “EARTH” can absorb and block the flow of “WATER“; Whereas “WATER” will stop “FIRE”.


Heaven Will Light and the Earth has Dark Elements
Sura gives an impression and creates a wider and more spacious impression. While the Earth gives a dark side which gives the impression of being intimate and deeper in the room. Heaven is a symbol of a career, which means that heaven is bright as a career that is spacious and also full of hope and promise. And the Earth provides a fundamental symbol which means that the earth does not have a harmonious impression and also gives rise to negative energy. In the Feng Shui color scheme, heaven means a room with a brighter color and Earth gives the impression of a color that has dignity and is also intimate. In this case often associated with Heaven or the sky, the floor is described as the earth, and the wall is a human being between heaven and earth. This color scheme gives the meaning that your room will consist of a ceiling with a bright color, a wall that is darker than your ceiling but lighter than the floor, and the floor has the darkest color between the wall and the sky.
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Cold and Warm Scheme
Each color has warm and cold tones to build your room. And the cold tone is owned by Yin, and Yang as a warm tone. Which means Yin with cold air rises and Yang to make the effect of warm air increase.

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