Ideas for Choosing a Bulb Light for More Impression in Every Room

Ideas for Choosing a Bulb Light for More Impression in Every Room

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Lighting is an important part of decorating a room in your home, light in your room can change everything in your room, comfort, and splendor you can set in the lighting in your room. If you understand how important lighting is to your room, surely you will spend your time adjusting how light can make your room better and better. However, you will be faced with many choices to manage your room.

Every lighting in a room can have a specific purpose to change your space, and for this reason, we write this article to share knowledge of how you choose and place the type of lighting in your room. By choosing the right lighting and placement you will get extra comfort and splendor in your room. Let’s get started!

Ideas for Choosing a Bulb Light

Ideas for Choosing a Bulb Light for More Impression in Every Room

The function of your room.
You will get to know several functions for each room you have: Ambient Function, Task, and Accent Function.
  1. General or ambient function becomes the function of light that acts as the main lighting that illuminates your room. This function will illuminate each side of your room and is natural light for the room. Hanging lamps, track lighting, or wall scones are examples of lighting that will illuminate each side of your room.
  2. The task function is a function that illuminates the work area in your room. Or a function that gives aside in your room brighter lighting than the surrounding lighting. The contrast of the available light will give focus to the lighting in the area you specify. Table lamps and kitchen lights that illuminate the cabinet are an example of choosing the placement of the task light function.
  3. Accent lighting is a way of lighting in a room that will provide a personal light in a particular area, usually, this lighting is shown to illuminate the artwork and also the bookshelves. This lighting is placed for the focal point in a room to provide shadows that provide dramatic effects in your room. Wall lamps and landscape lights are examples of accent lighting that are often used.

To light a room in your home to get a perfect and more luxurious impression with the lighting techniques above, you should consider how you will use each room in your home. And make arrangements for lights and assignments for each lamp. You can start using general lighting, then assignments, and finally with a touch of accent.


Think about how you place lighting in your room, how you adjust the lighting in your room to get a more luxurious impression into the room. You can follow the tips on starting the following lighting settings:
  • The living room, general light is a must-have in your living room. In addition to placing general lighting for your living room, you can also add accent lighting to one corner of your room. Focus on an object in your room artwork or a fireplace can be a focal point in your living room.
  • Kitchen, Using a chandelier in the kitchen can be a wise choice. Hanging lights that are a little low for your work table lighting can be the perfect lighting for the kitchen area. If possible, you can add lights to light your sink with the task function.
  • Bedroom, Lighting in the bedroom is task lighting with a nightstand. For your bedroom, you might like accent lighting on your wall to accompany you to sleep with a dramatic touch of light.
  • The bathroom, the bathroom can be a little difficult lighting selection. You will consider the task lighting in your mirror, and the placement of the chandelier to make general lighting in the bathroom, and using mirrors on both sides of your bathroom will effectively reflect light in the bathroom for greater effect in your room.
Choose the right bulbs

Your bulb is your light source, so the type of bulb determines what the light looks like. Different balls have different performance, and there are four basic types:

  1. Incandescent: These are the traditional bulbs that most of us have used for decades, and they are starting to die from more energy-efficient choices. They produce a warm and radiant light.
  2. Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs): These use 75 percent less energy than incandescent light bulbs. They also last longer. Usually emits a cooler tone, but you can find it in the range of brightness and temperature. It should be noted that CFLs do contain mercury, and although their numbers are small, they still need more careful handling and disposal, National Geographic said.
  3. LED: It’s as efficient as CFLs, but can last up to three times longer. It used to be mostly used for task lighting because they only provided bright and direct light, but like CFLs, they had come a long way. They now offer the same appearance as incandescent lamps, but they are efficient, they are not too hot to touch, and they last a long time. For this reason, they can also be more expensive, but there are discounts available.
  4. Halogens: These produce bright white light, similar to natural daylight. Good for task lighting. They also use 10-20 percent less energy than incandescent light bulbs.
Minimalist Scandinavian Style Decoration
Although there are several types of bulbs that we haven’t written yet, the bulbĀ that we write is the most commonly used Bolam at home. To purchase a bulbĀ for your room we have a few notes for the perfect appearance in your room.
To choose the brightness of the Bolam in the room you can use these tips.
A light bulb at home will usually have a brightness of 800 or can be equivalent to 60 watts. How to provide brightness in each room? Providing brightness in each of your rooms depends on how big your room is, the coloration on your wall, and the intensity of the lighting in your room. You can use this calculation to provide brightness in your room:
  • Kitchen: 5,000-9,000 brightness (total)
  • Bathroom: 3,800-7,800 Brightness
  • Bedroom: 1,500-3,000 brightness
  • Living room: 1,800-3,100 brightness
  • Dining room: 3,000-5,800 brightness
  • Workspace: 3,000-6,200 brightness

In addition to considering the level of brightness in your room you also need to consider the temperature and color for your lighting. Maybe CFL is not the right choice for now because they provide very blue and cold light for your room. But along with the development of CFL innovates and provides some variation for lighting. You can even get this Bulb with a warmer tone. With a tone of measurement from warm to cold sized in units of Kelvin. The higher they will give a cooler impression to your room.

  1. Solid / Warm White, this display has 2700 kelvins the size of lighting and they are good for you to place in your bedroom and living room. By using this lighting you will give a traditional impression that is warmer and more comfortable.
  2. Cool white, this look has a size of 4100 kelvin and is very good to place in the kitchen and bathroom. Give the impression of a white room, with a cool energetic feel for your room.
  3. Afternoon, with a size of 5000-6000 kelvin suitable for the placement of your bathroom, kitchen, and also your basement. It provides good illumination for the reading area and provides scattered contrast in each existing color.
Choose your lamp

After you read the article above, you will already understand and have an idea to choose the bulb in your room and the temperature you will pair. It’s time to choose equipment to maximize the existing factors. Here is the general equipment that you can choose from and how they can be used.

  • Ceiling: This is standard lighting equipment for lighting around your room. Using this equipment will be good for entrances, bedrooms, aisles, task areas, and stairs. To place equipment in the hallway you can adjust your distance around 10-12 feet for good lighting.
  • Hanging Lamps: For maximum functionality in your room, a chandelier will be good for installation in the dining room, living room, and also your bedroom.
  • Wall Lighting: You can place Scones in any room that is available to provide ambient lighting, assignments, and accents depending on the installation you are doing and also the type of bulb you use.
  • Recessed lighting: Recessed lighting is lighting that can be used in any place you can provide general lighting, assignments, or accents. It all depends on the light they give.
  • Track lighting: Track lights are versatile lights for each room, they move individual lights and point in the direction you want. Able to illuminate artwork, or illuminate every corner of your room.
  • Table Lamp: Can be a good accessory for the living room and also the task in the bedroom.

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