Ideas for Making Art on Your Bathroom Wall

The bathroom in most homes is probably the room with the smallest size compared to other room sizes. Although it has a smaller size than other rooms, the bathroom remains one of the rooms that you have to decorate and you decorate it for you to still feel comfortable there, right? Every corner will be like a blank canvas that thirsts for your art. Your door, storage, sink, and walls. Displaying wall art is the easiest way for you to add an artistic impression to your bathroom. A piece of work spanning a small room that has high appeal, let’s follow our guide in decorating your bathroom and make your bathroom even artsier!
Art in the Bathroom Why Not?
Ideas for Making Art on Your Bathroom Wall
Use Canvas Art
Kanva art is a choice and the best way to make your bathroom more attractive. When placing art in the bathroom, you must be worried about the effect of water on the art in your bathroom. Pana air, humidity, a lot of money in the condition of a bathroom room can make your art broken quickly right! The bathroom will be very busy when you will start the activity and when you finish doing your activities. Especially when you do activities to start your day, all the elements that will ruin this art into one and will cause your art to fade quickly. With that in mind, canvas art is an art that is most suitable for decorating the walls in your bathroom.
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Canvas Art Characters
Canvas art has a difference between oil paints or watercolors in general. Art canvas has natural ink that is not contaminated with exterior ink which means it is not to be combined with water, being the best choice for decorating your bathroom besides painting, because canvas art will not interfere with water vapor in your bathroom. Even if there is a lot of water vapor, humidity, and also heat in your bathroom, it will not fade your paintings.
Advantages of Canvas Art
When you decorate your bathroom with canvas art, you will not spend too much money because decoration with canvas art will be cheaper than oil painting. In addition to lower costs, you will easily adjust the size of your canvas art to the decor in your bathroom. Like when you have a minimalist space in your home, you can order canvas prints with the size you want and in accordance with the size of your bathroom and also you can minimize your costs. For frames, you can also process them and make your frame waterproof with water, to create extra durability in your space.
Don’t worry about the style in your bathroom, because the style of the canvas you need will come with a variety of styles that allow you to match your canvas to the style in your bathroom. A variety of canvas styles can be like black-and-white prints, style prints with mermaid themes, or beach-style decorations with shells. Or a natural style that offers flowers in the park, or even a clown with a balloon. You can also draw your style and hang it in your room.

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