Ideas Plant Wall Decorations To Provide Extra Freshness min

Ideas Plant Wall Decorations To Provide Extra Freshness

Plant Wall

It is no longer a secret that bringing green plants into the room will make the room fresher and more lively. But what is the best way to get plants into the room? Make a small paradise full of greenery that clings to the wall with charming.

Making plants stick to the wall is not a difficult thing to do, you must understand the arrangement of the room with plants on the wall. Plant walls have an attraction and bring fresh air in the room, To make your room fresher with plants that stick to the walls we have the following idea of placing a wall plant for your room!

Ideas Plant Wall Decorations To Provide Extra Freshness

Ideas Plant Wall Decorations To Provide Extra Freshness min

As we said before, to enter plants into a room you must understand the steps of entering and choosing plants that will stop in your space. Follow these steps in entering plants into your room for maximum results:

Select a room
In making a room where plants will live on a wall or fence that is built straight on the side of the room, you must determine which room is right for the construction and placement of your plants. Because to bring in plants, maybe creating a special wall to place your plants is a must to make it easier for you to move your plants from one room to another. After you make a wall or fence to place plants, make sure to pay attention to the safety of your plant shelves or walls later. Make arrangements so that they can be strong in 2/3 levels to put your plants.

Pay attention to your security
In bringing plants in and placing them on the wall, you must really make your walls or shelves lean safely as they support your plants. Use an electric screwdriver and do your work from the bottom up in installing a plastic planter into your rack. Make sure you can click and lock the garden in your room perfectly to build a room that is connected to each other.

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Answering plants into the room does not mean your plants are ready for years of drought! Make sure you bring plants that have easy maintenance with minimal watering when you bring plants into the room. Make sure you schedule your irrigation, at least once a week for watering. Make your shelves with a reservoir system to make it easier for you to water. Water your plants from top to bottom to get ease in leveling your plants. To make it easier, you can bring plants that are lacking in care.

Decorate the Wall
Once you want a plant that is leaning against a wall, you must adjust how your plant will lean against the wall and bring the impression of freshness and decoration to your room. Arrange and arrange plants to make your room visually more attractive. Bringing the right plants will also make your walls more charming and fresh. So choose plants that will be good for your room!

A good way to make a plant wall in the room

  1. If you want a green wall on the side of the room you can attach a waterproof membrane to your wall before inserting plants into your wall, this will keep moisture for your plants.
  2. For good watering, you should water the plants every 2-3 days for maximum results. But if you already understand what plants are good for indoors and how to care for them, it can be a consideration for you.
  3. For flowering plants, you have to cut flowers and make your flowers bloom at the end of the season. And trim your leafy plants to stay awake.


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