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Indoor Lighting Design Guide For Every Room

Lighting is a major feature that has the potential to play up the atmosphere in the house. Using the right lighting is a way to increase attractiveness, play up the atmosphere, and increase the value in a room.

When choosing the type and choice of light bulbs for a room, there are several things to consider! And many people have the wrong perception of this choice, which is why this Indoor lighting design guide is here to help you in planning and selecting the right lighting features for your room.

Keep in mind! The application of the right lighting system will make the room more pleasant and inviting. And to get the right lighting, combining 3 types of lighting is the most powerful way to do it!

Indoor lighting design guide by type!

Basically, these are 3 types of broad lighting that are combined to get the optimal appearance in a room. In interior design projects, lighting is often underestimated or even ignored. However, the fact is that a lighting system that is applied based on type will have a big impact on the atmosphere in your room. The structured application will enhance the design color, give a feeling of warmth, and become a marker of any space.

General Type Lighting

This is the most used lighting system in space design! This lighting serves to provide an adequate lighting system for any space. Can be described as a room center lamp or wall lamp. Their application is also very important because they must have sufficient lighting and spread throughout the room.

Task Type Lighting

The next application is task-type lighting! This one is a lighting system that is used in certain areas that require additional lighting. This lighting will be present in the work area, to clarify various activities such as reading, writing, and so on.

Accent Type

The third is accent-type lighting! This can be said as lighting that will attract the attention of space users, this lighting is here to play the atmosphere of space users and is often applied to highlight various features in the room such as fireplaces, wall hangings, plants, or so on.

In fact, by applying this lighting even dark corners in the room will appear more attractive!

Make the first impression!

Remember the impact of using lighting? Yes, it gives more appeal to a room. And by implementing it in a structured manner you can create a good first impression for the visitors. The entrances and hallways are the first places they will see and this is where you can get creative to enhance the first impression of your space.

Indoor lighting design guide by providing lighting to the hallway and entrance is the most effective way to increase the charm in the room. You just have to make it feel warmer and more inviting! When this area has high ceilings, try hanging lights and make a statement with it!

A traditional lantern, crystal chandelier, and pendant wrapped in silk fabrics are charming options to enhance the charm of your hallway. As for the hallway with a low ceiling, you can use semi-highway lights with almost the same design!

And if your hallway has a console table, the extra lighting above can add a more interesting layer of lighting to your design. The addition of a mirror to the back of the table lamp, at the end of the hallway, and positioned to double the light form will give a visual impact on the space that seems bigger than it really is.

As for small hallways (narrow), try using some features such as downlights and wall lights for a warm and soft impression!

Indoor lighting design guide with light staircase

The staircase area is an area that has the potential for accidents! And you have to minimize this potential, by providing lighting for each step will make the stairs glow and appear slicker. Not only does it secure your footsteps, with a more dramatic room light staircase you will get there.

If you have stairs with double ceiling heights, an indoor lighting design guide with the use of large light fittings and an elongated backrest will give your room a more dramatic look. These are often like multilevel pendants and can come in a crystal color look that can serve as the focal point of your hallway.

Stylish Safe Lighting

After creating lighting on each stair, the next Indoor lighting design guide is to provide a functional landing area with a large footprint on the visual space. The addition of a flush mount or washer to the wall is a perfect idea for a more efficient landing addition.

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Indoor lighting design guide for living room

To bring a sense of comfort and inviting, the lighting in the living room must be combined well. To provide lighting in it, you must apply 3 basic lightings (comfortable, relaxing light, and still support various activities.

Start by considering the physical aspects at hand (size and layout). A room facing north will have the impression of a darker room, while a room facing south will feel brighter in winter. Make sure you combine wall and ceiling lighting for and then even out the lighting with additional tables, floor lamps, as well as some task lights (if necessary).

Desain tanpa judul 1
Desain tanpa judul 1

For a living room with a size of 5m x 4m, it will be better if it is given at least 3 chandeliers so that the lighting is more evenly distributed in all directions, then add an arm lamp to provide a focus of light to a cool area. An indoor lighting design guide with a pendant is the most sensible choice for your high ceiling space.

Or you could consider adding a semi-flush mount or flush mount to replace your pendant. Meanwhile, the floor area with the addition of an uplighter with dimers will be good for added appeal and provide softer and more even lighting. The addition of a table lamp also plays an important role in the final impact of creating an overall space scheme, so adding 2 table lamps on each side of the sofa is also a good option.

Indoor lighting design guide for the dining room

To create closeness and a sense of warmth in the dining room, try to give the dining room a ceiling light! When supplementing the dining room with ceiling lights, be sure to place it in the middle of the dining area or on the dining table with the hanger low enough. Make sure the lighting is bright enough for your entire dining area, lest any room users sit in the shadows!

Indoor lighting design guide for the bedroom

In presenting lighting in the bedroom, make sure not to give too bright lighting in it! Remember that the bedroom functions as a place to relax and restore energy after a day of activities. The most effective way to choose light is to have a light that is soothing and relaxing to the user.

Bedroom Indoor lighting design guide
Bedroom Indoor lighting design guide

Try a ceiling light that is just the right size and can match the size of your space! Choosing a crystal chandelier or a chandelier with a stamp is a really sensible idea to keep the style stylish and make the space feel soothing. Then add a table lamp for an added soft, soothing feel.

If your room is too cramped or you want to save on the bedside table area, then try to use wall sconces to replace it.

Indoor lighting design guide for the kitchen

The kitchen is the second room that takes up quite a lot of your time! When designing kitchen lighting, be sure to start early (before the kitchen is installed and tiled). To provide comfortable lighting and support a variety of activities, make sure to have a task, accent, and ambient lighting in it!

For those of you with a kitchen island, make sure to understand its shape and size then enter a lighting fixture that is in harmony with it. Two or three pendants are a functional and decorative addition to your kitchen island, apart from increasing the added attractiveness they also enhance the d├ęcor of your space.

Indoor lighting design guide for the bathroom

The last indoor lighting design guide is the lighting in the bathroom! And in this space, task-type lighting is the key to bringing the impression of more comfortable and calming space.

Bathroom Indoor lighting design guide
Bathroom Indoor lighting design guide

Lighting in a bathroom should give the impression of being safe, stylish, and still practical! In presenting it, you must have sufficient brightness for washing, shaving, and also for makeup. That’s why task lighting is the key to success in bathroom lighting.

However, don’t forget to include the main lighting in the room! Flush mount or semi-flush lighting is the most suitable idea for your bathroom. By using it, you are enough to exude the impression of a comfortable, safe, and soothing space.

By applying the Indoor lighting design guide, it will help you to present the charm of space with more regular and supportive lighting for various activities in your room!

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