Indoor Lighting Design Ideas for Each Room

Indoor Lighting Design Ideas for Each Room

The use of regular and strategic lighting will be a way to increase the appearance and attractiveness of your interior design. It is necessary to know that lighting is an important element and sets the atmosphere in the room, and can be a way to draw the eye to the item that is highlighted.

To get the best Indoor Lighting design ideas, you must understand at least 4 main types of lighting: decorative, task, accent, and ambient. By presenting these four lights, you will find it easier to set the atmosphere and increase the charm of your room.

Main lighting design ideas


This lighting is the main lighting in a room! The use of indoor lighting design ideas with ambient light has the goal of making sure every user of the space gets enough lighting to make them comfortable.

In presenting it, you cannot be arbitrary! Lighting that is too dim or too bright can make room users feel uncomfortable in your room. The use of lighting also depends on how big the room is and how high your ceiling is!

Task type lighting

The next type of indoor lighting design is task-type lighting. This lighting aims and is placed in areas that are focused on areas that need more lighting such as the reading area. This lighting aims to provide space users with a sense of comfort to carry out various special activities that are carried out in the room such as studying, reading books, working, and so on.

Decorative Lighting

The next indoor lighting design idea is to present decorative type lighting! This lighting focuses on visual appeal and with less focus on illumination. The use of existing fixtures plays a big role in increasing the charm of the room to make it appear more attractive.

By playing with decorative lighting properly, you can even create a nostalgic atmosphere in the room. Such as the use of a series of small lights will bring the charm of a pleasant winter holiday in your room.

Accent type lighting

The next type is the accent type, this indoor lighting design idea is lighting that is used to highlight various areas to attract more attention. This lighting is perfect for enhancing the charm of some of your favorite items!

Using it to highlight an existing wall decoration or focal point is a great choice in its use!

Indoor Lighting design ideas Must Try!

After you know the type of lighting, now is the time for you to present the Indoor Lighting design by applying the following lighting ideas. With these indoor lighting design ideas, you will be able to create the best mood in the room. Here are some lighting design options to enhance the ambiance and appeal of your room.

Indoor Lighting Design Ideas
Indoor Lighting Design Ideas

New Reading Lighting

Some people really like books before they go to bed, and a very common option for fulfilling this need is to use a side cabinet to place the lighting on. Indoor lighting design ideas to show a different impression in your room are to frame the bed using LED lights and add a charming pendant on both sides of your bed.

Indoor lighting design ideas with the addition of a low shining LED downlight will provide a soft light to the head area of your bed. It will become task lighting and add lighting with more appeal to your space!

Kitchen Backsplash

It’s been a long time since Indoor Lighting design ideas with backsplash lighting caught the attention of its users! Add additional Mediterranean quartz backsplash lighting with LED lighting for further appeal with a subtle glow.

High ceiling light

A room with a high ceiling or with a domed shape can be quite difficult to light! In fact, the use of chandeliers may fail to lighten the ceiling. So, instead of relying on a pendant lamp to illuminate the ceiling. Indoor Lighting design ideas that can work well for this problem is to use ceiling lights.

Ceiling lights are the most effective solution to lighting high ceilings! An LED strip lighting will provide warm lighting and illuminate the ceiling area very well.

Lighting design ideas with Layering

Remember! A lighting scheme is best when you layer lighting your room. Duty type, accent type, and ambient light are the best combinations to increase the charm in your room.

The combination of floor lighting, spotlights, and also LED strips is a great addition to make a room stand out even more.

Tracking lighting

Stairs and circulation areas are quite difficult areas for general lighting to shine through, which is why Indoor Lighting design ideas by placing spotlights on each tread can be a good choice to enhance your indoor appearance.

This is a great way to create a clear statement on your staircase area!

Dining area

Indoor Lighting Design Ideas With Copper
Indoor Lighting Design Ideas With Copper

Indoor lighting design ideas using hanging lamps are indeed the best addition to your dining table top area. However, in setting up you must make the existing fixture have an appropriately symmetrical appearance to increase attractiveness to that area.

To bring out the charm of natural lighting during the day, you can add additional cool lights with soft light to create a better diffused lighting in the dining room.

Create a statement

Basically, lighting does not only increase the attractiveness of a room, but good lighting must also enhance the aesthetics of the room. Sometimes you also have to bring in a bold look to get more attention.

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One option that can be considered is a pendant hanging above the stairs, or to present a classic look you can use 3 or 4 copper pendants in your dining area.

This method will create a space charm that feels more intimate and gives a contemporary impression in your room.

These indoor lighting design ideas are additional ideas apart from your main lighting as well as your indoor tasks. By applying it, you can increase the charm of the space to a higher level with better visual appeal.

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