8 Easy and Cheap Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas

8 Easy and Cheap Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas!

For some people, Industrial style is not an attractive style, but this style that comes with exposed beams, brick walls, and unfinished floors is one option that provides comfort in ways you can’t imagine!

Industrial bedroom design ideas have also become a popular design style in recent years, this style comes with an industrial-inspired look to create a relaxed and calming atmosphere. In the decor project, you will find some distinctive elements that will give the bedroom a perfect look! So, keep scrolling to make your decorating projects easier later on.

Brief History

Brief History Of Industrial Design
Brief History Of Industrial Design

The industrial style began in the 18th century in the United States, this style comes with architecture with higher ceilings, using the concept of open space, and using natural light as one of its design elements.

At first, this style was present because of the large number of former industrial areas that were not used and then used as residences. The industrial look that is maintained creates its own unique and charming appeal, it is also a key element in the decoration project.

Industrial bedroom design ideas

Initially, the industrial style in the bedroom was a simple look without many accessories inspired by factories and warehouses. It aims to get a look that is relaxed, frugal, and timeless. In this project, you will find several building elements such as stressed wood, exposed pipes, as well as industrial-inspired lighting features.

In the use of color tones, neutral tones are the most dominating choice. In this case, you can also add a few touches of color to make space seem more attractive. To bring it to your bedroom, here are some tricks that can be applied!

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Look Simple

Of course! Industrial bedroom design ideas still apply a minimalist approach to the interior appearance. The main goal of this project is to highlight the features you have in the simplest way. In fact, you can include a few other items and make them stand out even more! This is one of the advantages of the plain and unrefined industrial style.

It can be said that industrial is a very flexible style to play with, and can be changed from one theme to another according to the wishes of the user. Boredom? I don’t think it will be here!

Bed options

An industrial decorating project will require you to choose a bed with wooden backrests, rails, and legs that have a rhythmic tone scheme. For those who bring the feel of dark weathered wood, then presenting soft white tones and other related tones will complete the charm of the bedroom.

Using light wood tones with darker bedspreads is a great choice for bringing contrast to a room. The right choice of accessories will also create a unique space feel without having to overload your room.


Lighting for Industrial Bedroom
Lighting for Industrial Bedroom

In addition to maximizing natural light that enters the room by not using thick curtains, you also have to bring artificial light to illuminate the room. Steel hover lights are an option that enhances the charm of your room, but the use of lights that show off the bulbs is no less interesting.

The choices are an idea to remember the charm of a space that feels more retro! The addition of chandeliers also gives added appeal to an open or plain ceiling.

Storage features

A sliding cabinet with a wood finish is a perfect addition to enhance the charm of an industrial bedroom. The installation of sliding drawers, hanging shelves, or wardrobe trolleys can be considered for minimalist industrial spaces.


Simple Industrial Bedroom
Simple Industrial Bedroom Ceiling

Ceiling and concrete walls made of different but complementary wood materials are other hallmarks of industrial bedroom d├ęcor. The application of neutral tones and an unfinished look complete your industrial look! Especially when you position the bed near a concrete wall and give it an interesting pop of color there.

To give a pop of color, you can add a painting on the other side of the wall in a modern, Scandinavia, or boho style. Besides paintings, a roman style wall clock makes a great addition to your industrial bedroom!


For the floor area, wood is the most common material and is highly preferred for industrial-style spaces! Its application creates a warmer and inviting look. Meanwhile, to give a more contemporary impression, you can use concrete.

The available options should really be considered because these are the elements that will brighten up your industrial-style bedroom!


Color For Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas
Color For Industrial Bedroom Design Ideas

Industrial bedroom design ideas must keep it simple and understated! If you have a room with a larger size, then there are various tones that you can play such as dark, light, neon, pastel, and so on. Adding pop with dark tones is a great way to bring out the charm of a space that’s beautiful and feels contrasting. Certain combinations of tones don’t exist in industrial room decorating projects, so play with them to your heart’s content!


Carpets are the best addition to industrial bedroom design ideas! Not only does it add a pop of color, but the addition will also increase the feeling of warmth, as well as secure your area. To add to the impression of an illusion, you can place it under the bed and still leave a little free area around it.

Aren’t the industrial bedroom design ideas above really great? By applying it you will get a comfortable and calming feeling at a more affordable cost while maintaining a simple appearance of the room.

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