Kitchen Design Basics What You Need to Know

Kitchen Design Basics What You Need to Know

Kitchen Design

The kitchen has a variety of styles and also a variety of sizes, the kitchen with a narrow size is considered not to be designed properly, outdated, and makes the cook uncomfortable there. However, nothing is possible to remodel this kitchen can be a wise choice to make the kitchen more functional and make fun when cooking.
However, before you start working with tools to remodel the kitchen. There are some things that you need to think about like your description of the dream kitchen? And also you’re budget what if it’s not enough? You can try a simple design tweak where you can start rearranging the kitchen with your usage.
Do you have a 100 square foot kitchen with the size of most cabinet manufacturers or 400 square feet? With a variety of sizes in the kitchen, the basic design rules will continue to apply in your reshuffle so keep reading.

Kitchen Design Basics

Kitchen Design Basics What You Need to Know

When there comes a kitchen renovation with a small size, there is a possibility that it will not touch the existing layout, but if we do renovations with a larger kitchen, we will be dealing with cabinets, kitchen equipment, and also accessories that require us to do the rearrangement. If you want a design with a layout that is completely different from what you currently have, then be prepared with a price tag that is commensurate with your description. Reforming the layout will be a rework with various activities such as electricity and pipes (this is not cheap). basic kitchen layout:
  • Gallery; Often also known as a walk-through kitchen or corridor kitchen, this kitchen is marked by the existence of 2 parallel walls with a cabinet and also a table in the path in between.
  • L style; Is a kitchen with an L-shaped island that has an open area in the middle.
  • U shape; Is the choice of the kitchen in the form of footsteps of horses with 3 walls or also with 2 walls and peninsula.

Whatever layout options for the kitchen, you must pay attention to the kitchen triangle! This is the choice for the path made between the refrigerator, the sink, and also the stove in the kitchen, at least about 6 feet from each other. And when you get the tightness of the kitchen triangle, cooking will be easier.

Kitchen Floor
When it comes to choosing materials for the kitchen floor, you must pay attention to how the material will work for the kitchen and also the aesthetic value of this material. Not only must the kitchen floor be strong enough for traffic for many years, but it must also be supportive when you stand and prepare your dinner. Here are some selection options.


  • Laminate: This is an option for kitchen floors with low prices and easy installation. Options that are resistant to stains and also cleaning in a shorter time. However, this floor is not strong enough to hold water in the kitchen, and also moisture can cause damage to the floorboards and make it swollen.
  • Bamboo: With a charming and distinctive appearance bamboo flooring has really great durability, almost the same as hardwood.
  • Hardwoods: This 99% unique flooring is a favorite floor with a high enough price, oak flooring is the most common choice, you will also get the luxury of hardwood flooring and careful care will make hardwood floors more charming.
  • Tiles: This is the most common choice for kitchen floors because it will not absorb odors and also bacteria, even tiles are a flooring choice that will withstand heavy traffic in your kitchen. But the floor can also be sneaky when wet.
  • Cork: This easy-to-install floor is also very quiet when stepped on, but unfortunately cork flooring also does not like standing water that makes them instantly damaged.
  • Vinyl: Vinyl with flooring materials that can be used in every room and with ease of care makes vinyl flooring an idol floor in every room with various styles and can also mimic the appearance of wood or ceramic. They are also a low-cost floor.


The kitchen table can be the first choice when homeowners will make an overhaul to the kitchen. This is the same as the floor, the selection for the kitchen table must also consider several factors such as appearance, maintenance, and can also hold a budget.
  • Engineering stones: The most common choice for these countertops is quartz stone using granite for countertop materials. This countertops option also has a price that is almost the same as granite, but its manufacture uses stone fragments combined with resin and provides durability against stains without having to be sealed.
  • Natural Stone: Granite is the most preferred choice for countertops, and many homeowners use granite because of its charming appeal. With a hard surface makes them have long durability, but you have to do regular closure to prevent discoloration that is there. There are also some other natural stones such as marble or limestone, but these stones require extra care.
  • Wood: The choice of wood countertops is an easy choice to clean with easy maintenance. However, many use wood for certain areas of the table.
  • Concrete: Concrete gives the appearance of an industrial kitchen, but the sealing can run up to 4 times a year. Its durability and heat resistance makes it a good choice for countertops.
Kitchen cabinets
Kitchen cabinets are an option for kitchen areas with high costs. And when you are budget-saving, then pay attention to your cabinet selection. By doing refacing, you can make improvements to the outside appearance that is better even you can replace the cabinet door with a more attractive appearance.
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You can do the painting for the kitchen cabinet, although this sounds very simple. However, the effects of painting a kitchen cupboard can be enormous! Depending on the material of the cabinet you can choose the paint that suits it. There are two types of kitchen cabinets, the basic cabinet that will sit on the floor, and also the wall cabinet that has a placement on the wall that is screwed to hold the cabinet in position.

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