Best Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas to Try

Best Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas to Try

When some homeowners try to light up their kitchen area, many of them find it a dilemma to choose the right fixture. And this ignorance is nothing to worry about anymore! To create the best lighting in the kitchen, these Kitchen lighting design ideas will be your guide!

Many homeowners only use a single fixture to light their space, and this is actually the wrong thing! A fixture will not diffuse lighting optimally and may not even be attractive at all. It would be better for homeowners to bring in several layers of lighting to make the room feel warmer, as well as inviting. So, keep scrolling for more inspiration from Kitchen lighting design ideas.

Best Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas

Task Type in Kitchen Lighting Design Ideas
The first choice for Kitchen lighting design ideas is to bring in task-type lighting, usually, this type will be placed in the busiest areas of your kitchen. And the area under the cabinet or kitchen shelf can be a place to consider. The key to success is providing the availability of shadow-free lighting in your work area.

By lighting the work area using the right lighting, various activities can be done better and minimize obstacles that may occur.

Downlight area
Basically, downlights won’t work very well when placed on a grid, but they can have a really amazing impact when you place them only in areas that need lighting as your existing kitchen lighting scheme. Kitchen lighting design ideas with downlights that have a low glare direction like the Pole Spring 50 can be the right choice to aim at the front of a kitchen unit with softer lighting.

Kitchen Island Area
Don’t trash leaving your island area, make sure to always light up the center of the island using downlights or decorative pendants. By using downlight type lighting or several pendant lights, you can create a more pleasant space scheme in your room.

High Ceiling Lighting
For those of you who have a kitchen with high ceilings, try to scale down vertically by using a pendant hanging lower to light up every inch of the island. This method will also give the room a more open appearance and feel more spacious.

Adding a spring LED downlight between the pendants will also provide excellent task lighting for a variety of jobs in the area.

In addition to downlights that are perfect for lighting up the task area, you can also consider adding some Uplighting to the top of the kitchen to provide general lighting in the work area. By adding this type of lighting, you can minimize the use of downlights.

Light Layer
If you want to give your kitchen a dramatic look Kitchen lighting design idea by adding multiple layers of lighting will work great! The added layer of light in such a way will make the room feel more attractive. Try to bring a fluffy effect to the bottom of the island with the Contour HD27 LED Strip.

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Control Your Lighting
Often times the lighting in the kitchen area only uses the ON and OFF buttons. What if we created a more pleasant look thereby adding a dimmer? Kitchen lighting design ideas by giving Dimmer in the kitchen lighting area will make it easier for you to set your mood. Not only does it set the mood, but using a dimmer will make you spend less every month.

If you want to bring in the skylights, try to add additional lighting around them. This method aims to avoid the appearance of a black hole on the side.

Create an even circuit
Kitchen lighting design ideas that focus on a single circuit just won’t work! Instead of focusing on a lighting circuit, try to create more even lighting in your kitchen area (to free up any flexibility). Try to include wall lights, under-cabinet lights, downlights, as well as several lighting features with different combinations of controls to make lighting selection easier and also give a better view of your kitchen.

The last thing in this Kitchen lighting design idea is to light up an area outside your room (if it has a window). If you have windows that look outside, then optimizing the windows that look out will make the lighting and appearance of your kitchen even better!

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