Using ornamental plants has become one of the decoration trends in recent years, and it is very natural. Remember how plants exist to make the kitchen more refreshing, elegant, but at a very cheap price. Not only as a decoration in the kitchen, but Kitchen Plants ideas will purify the air, increase productivity, and can be used for first aid.

Some homeowners are still reluctant to bring ornamental plants into the kitchen. And most of the reason is that you are afraid of how to care, and how they will grow. However, some of the ornamental plants below are choices that really make sense for various spaces, especially your kitchen.

8 Kitchen Plants Ideas

Kitchen Plants ideas Aloe vera
This plant is the best Kitchen Plants ideas with the nickname “Plants of Immortality”, aloe vera is one type of plant that is easy to grow, and is very difficult to destroy (even when you put it into the kitchen). This one plant really looks charming and has unique ingredients such as vitamins and minerals that are great for the skin.

They are also great for first aid for burns you may get while cooking. Place it next to the stove, cut the leaves then remove the existing Gel and wipe the wound received. This method will have an instant cooling effect on your wound.

British ivy
This one is very lush greenery and is perfect for hanging on a sink or in an area near a window. English ivy is a plant suitable for various rooms (as long as it has sunshine even briefly). Besides being suitable for the kitchen, this plant is also an option that adds color to it.

The pointed leaves that come in a variety of color choices such as green, accent white, yellow, and black make the British Ivy perfectly match any style in your kitchen.

In addition, this plant will also purify the air in your kitchen and reduce pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene, mold, and various other bacteria. When bringing it into the house, be sure to keep it away from cats or dogs as they are toxic to your pet.

Cast iron factory (Aspidistra Elatior)
This one is a very sensible choice of ornamental plants to bring into the kitchen with a warm impression and is very easy to care for. Aspidistra Elatior is a plant with bright green leaves that tolerates a variety of unfavorable conditions such as dim lighting, extreme heat, fluctuations, and forgetting to water.

Using this plant in a kitchen corner, breakfast corner, or dining room will make the space more colorful.

What makes this plant so perfect for Kitchen Plants ideas is its resistance to various problems. Especially in the climate, there is an erratic kitchen. Maybe the kitchen could be too wet, hot, or dry? This plant will not die easily.

Aluminum factory (Pilea Cadiere)
A kitchen with lots of aluminum utensils will look more perfect when combined with this Pilea Cadiere which has metallic green and silver leaves. You can use a basket and hang it up but keep your air conditioner flushed.

This easy-to-care plant has appeal to its color and is perfect for pairing with stainless steel utensils. Due to their placement on the ceiling (hanging), they will not take up much space.

Kitchen Plants ideas Spider Plant
Not only easy to care for, but spider plants are also Kitchen Plants ideas that can thrive in a variety of circumstances and even have minimal maintenance. You can even put it anywhere, it could be in the window, in the sunshine, or even on a table.

To make it grow better, you can water it several times and do the pruning when the leaves just die.

Spider plants are also very well-known because they are excellent air purifiers, and are a great remover of odors, smoke, and various pollutants in your kitchen.

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They are plants that like lots of sunshine, do not like cold and windy areas, and are very fond of moist soil areas. If the windows in your kitchen face south then this plant is the best choice for you!

If you ask some friends who bring ornamental plants into their kitchen, then we can guarantee that most of your friends will bring Pothos-like plants into their kitchen. Because the plants that belong to these vines are very strong and can overcome a variety of lighting problems.

Kitchen Plants ideas with pothos make a lot of sense when they are combined with cabinets as well as shelves, because that’s where their habitat is.

Snake Plant
They do not need a lot of water nor light, allowing them to withstand a wide range of coercive conditions. In fact, when you forget it, this plant will still grow and thrive in the kitchen.

For those homeowners who are busy enough to care for their plants, then they are the best Kitchen Plants ideas for you. Placing them in one corner of the room with a once-a-week watering is more than enough to keep them alive!

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