Kitchen Plants You Must Have For Air Quality

Kitchen Plants You Must Have For Air Quality


Plants in each room will make the room more alive and also instantly refreshed, even for your kitchen. No matter how you treat your plants, these plants in the kitchen will still be alive even if you rarely pay attention. Not only as an additional decoration in each room but also as an air purifier in each room and also makes the room a little more humid which will be an advantage when the air is cold and dry. And plants can also increase the productivity and morality that will be suitable for placement in your kitchen.

You will get a better impression in your kitchen by bringing in some of the plants below. And all these plants will not be troublesome when treated, and you will not mess them up.

Kitchen Plants

Kitchen Plants You Must Have For Air Quality

English Ivy.
English Ivy is one of the plants that can be considered for input into your kitchen, a lush and perfect green plant to hang on a kitchen sink or window. Even these plants are very easy to grow indoors as long as they get continuous sunlight with the colors they have, these plants will add spark to your kitchen naturally. Their pointed leaves have green color with white, yellow, and black accents that will make this plant match any kitchen color scheme.

These plants will be very suitable for the kitchen because they purify the air, plants that come as a good pollution soak in the room that will soak formaldehyde, benzene, fungi, and also bacteria. However, remember this plant will be toxic to your pets such as cats and dogs.

Aloe vera.
Aloe Vera is often also called the eternal plant which makes this plant very difficult to kill, even when you place them in your kitchen. This plant has a very unique and very unique form which has a good content of vitamins and minerals for the skin.

Placement in the kitchen can be a good choice, aloe vera will help you when exposed to burns. You can cut aloe vera and remove thorns along the edges and use the gel inside and rub your wounds. With this aloe, you will get an instant and effective cooling effect.

White Jasmine
It is a challenge to keep plants with flowers indoors, but not to white jasmine because they are very good for indoor areas, especially when winter comes. Although this plant has a slightly different treatment from other interior plants, the smell of plants and flowers that make your treatment commensurate with what you will get. To make white jasmine flourish, you need to store it with enough lighting and humidity for them.

White jasmine is a very good choice for your kitchen and gives a delicious smell in the kitchen even for a very attractive smell to your kitchen even when your kitchen is full of dirty dishes that are piled up. The smell of white jasmine will still feel delicious and alluring.

Aluminum (Pilea Cadierei)
This plant will be a good plant to complement your room which is filled with stainless steel and metal equipment. You can place this plant in a hanging basket and keep it away from your air conditioner or heater.

This plant will be very good for the kitchen because it is easy to care for and gives attraction to your kitchen, and giving them a place to hang will make your room fresher without consuming your room.

Spider Plant
This plant can grow in every condition and does not require much care, you can store this plant on each side of the kitchen. Under the window, on the dining table or even under your cupboard and they will grow easily with regular watering and some pruning for this plant.

They make a good air purifier and help to dispel odors, smoke, and pollution in your kitchen.

Chinese fir
This plant is one of the environmentally friendly plants that can grow in dry areas and also little light. Green leaves work well with white marble, beige, and silver in your kitchen. Even growing these plants comes from crowns which cause them not to need pruning. This plant is one of the plants that are good at dealing with toxins in the air, and also practical.

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African spear
This plant is a plant that is very brave and beautiful and can withstand drought, cold weather, and low light conditions. Leaves that have pointed texture will become very prominent between your two cabinets.

They are very good for the kitchen to cook, clean, and arrange work in your kitchen. And these plants won’t need much care for them.

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