Kitchen Problems That Often Occur And How To Overcome It

Kitchen Problems That Often Occur And How To Overcome It


The kitchen is the room with the highest level of traffic in your home. Which requires us to remain meticulous in decorating our kitchen. However, there are still some problems that come with the problem of decoration. Decorating problems you can solve with structured planning for your kitchen. However, what about the problems after the kitchen has been designed and you have occupied?

Common problems that often come into the kitchen such as a refrigerator that does not make your fruits and vegetables left, an oven that does not provide heat, damaged kitchen equipment can cause many problems in the kitchen. And this problem, you must immediately overcome to launch your cooking activities! Figure out the cause of the equipment not working and find a way to make them work or replace it.

One of the fastest ways to anticipate kitchen equipment problems is to find out the average life span of your kitchen equipment. However, some problems cannot be resolved and require you to call in a professional to help you!

Kitchen Problems

Kitchen Problems That Often Occur And How To Overcome It

Here are some problems that often occur in the kitchen, read and prepare yourself for surprises that come at any time:

1. Fridge

Refrigerators and freezers do not function to cool fruits and vegetables? You can try to check that the door in your refrigerator is tightly closed or there may be a seal that doesn’t fit. Check the warning lights on your refrigerator, then you can go around your fridge and notice the heat, the sound that is not pleasant to hear, or there are droplets in the¬†Fridge¬†area? The conductor in your refrigerator does produce heat, but if it doesn’t make food cold you have to check it!

2. The refrigerator emits an odor

When you find your refrigerator smells maybe this is due to food with incorrect temperature control or negligence when storing food. When you are going to remove food with a smell or mildew, make sure you wash the trash can, and your shelf uses gentle washing soap, and let the air come out, after that you can clean your evaporator. After that, make sure you set your interior temperature at 0 and 40 degrees F. With this temperature setting, you can suppress the growth of mold, odors, and also dew.

3. Oven

When you find food that you cook too quickly it burns in the oven, maybe you need an oven thermometer to check the temperature that your oven emits. You might also need to recalibrate the oven.

4. Microwave Does Not Provide Heat

If at the time you need a microwave and it turns out they don’t work, as usual, maybe the magnetron isn’t working properly. The magnetron gets hot and burns when you turn on the microwave when it’s empty or you forget to turn it off when you finish using it. If this happens, you should fix it or maybe replace some of the units inside it.

5. Microwave does not spin

When heating a meal, and you find your food does not turn around, you will only get food undercooked or even undercooked. Check your microwave plate and finish it from large herbs or food debris that are blocking your plate’s rotation. Or another possibility is motor, don’t worry this is a mild problem! Check the model’s instructions to fix this problem.

6. Continuous dripping in the sink

This problem is the most common! Because basically the tap does not have to drip, and the water channel does not leak. However, if this is the case you don’t have to do a lot of movement because repairing a leaky tap is a simple case. You can try cleaning the faucet screen when your faucet is continuously spraying water. Check the bottom of your tub, did you find mold there? Then you should try to check for leaks in the drain and peanut traps, as well as your drain and drainage.

7. Disposal does not work

If your disposer doesn’t work, as usual, you can try your reset button. No changes? You can try unplugging and removing the plug at your disposal. Or you can try to replace your rubber gasket, maybe they are already damaged. Because this rubber should look like flower petals that completely cover your disposal.

8. Range Hood does not eliminate Smoke?

Maybe the motor is in trouble, or the air duct is blocked by oil sticking, or maybe the air filter needs cleaning or is replaced with a new one. The air filter is a simple repair, you can search for spare parts based on the motor according to your model. However, inspection and cleaning processes can take time. You can call in a professional to help you clean your wind hole.

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9. Dishwasher not working?

When you put a dirty plate into the locking mechanism and get unclean expenses. Maybe you can try cleaning the spray, filter, and floating arms. Or maybe there is a watermark on the plate, you can change your detergent to get your plate back.

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