Kitchen Renovation

Maybe the look of your kitchen becomes a boring thing for decorating the current trends, and you want to update the look for the kitchen? There are so many ways to update the look in the kitchen because there are so many ways and new trends that come into the kitchen look you will feel confused to start your decor and with which part you will update.

It’s a good idea before you start planning a new look for kitchen renovations, you need to know how and where you will start updating the look in the kitchen! Even updating the look in the kitchen can also cost you a lot of your budget, and without planning, you will only damage your finances. Investing can be a scary choice when you don’t know or plan how you will renew your kitchen.

Decoration in the kitchen becomes a choice depending on the kitchen user. A professional cook, homeowner, family career? The kitchen will be a room that is the heart of your home. Where form and function are equally important. To make an update in the kitchen, we have written this article to provide you with knowledge on how to update the look for your kitchen for life enhancements and also how you will update the decor without bothering your plastic card.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas to keep up with Trend

Kitchen Renovation Ideas to keep up with Trend min

To update the look in the kitchen, a lot of ingredients are becoming a trend and eventually displaced continuously. And the fame of shiny quartz continues to increase and become the most sought after material for homeowners. This material is a favorite material that has a timeless appearance, and quartz will not be easily destroyed because it has a very hard surface. However, this material cannot withstand overheating because overheating will easily damage your material.

More Granite?
Granite became the favorite material in the 1990-2001 decoration, but for now, the popularity of granite is greatly reduced because decoration with granite has no more effect! And also care for granite must be very thorough without good care, super pore granite can be a place where bacteria gather.

Display with lots of white
A white kitchen is a choice in decorating, especially for minimalist kitchen decoration. However, for maintenance, you must pay attention to your cleanliness every time. Because without guarding the white kitchen can be very worrying with stains that are spread on each side.

To maintain the kitchen with a white tone, you will really have to be careful, for this matter what if you consider other colors that are as impressive as the white kitchen?

Use Moodier Tones
In addition to using bright white tones, what if you use a slightly moody tone setting for your kitchen, moody tones will be as enticing as white tones and they give surprises for a richer and more memorable look.

A slightly moody tone will give you a more dramatic impression, the terracotta green color will be more earthy with a passionate tone for the kitchen. You can try to use colors that have the impression of arousing emotions and enthusiasm.

Mix with dark
A neutral tone other than white that you can use in designing the look in your kitchen is to use a dark tone for the kitchen. This tone will give your kitchen a more elegant impression for every home, a tone that is easier to process, and a charming alternative to kitchen standards.

Spanish and Moroccan
To add the impression of an exotic decor in the room, you can use tiles or backsplash with Spanish or Moroccan patterns that give a more substantial look to the kitchen.

Combine the design and decoration of the cabinets to your floor, this method will create an impressive mix of styles that is also very unique to your room. This method will free you from one direction of definite room design. You can experiment with furniture and express your creativity in adding flavor to the room.

In kitchen decoration, you will get a point where you always repeat all kinds of materials to build your kitchen. So, what if we put stainless steel into the kitchen? Equipment is a piece of your simpler furniture with a neutral tone that is standard to give your room colors and also patterns that unite.

Furniture with an under-counter becomes an amazing way to maintain the regularity of your desktop, the selection of counter equipment with microwaves and others makes your upper room more organized and move your equipment at the bottom.

Ceiling with Glass
Cool and also easy to place in the kitchen, using the Falmec Alba hood becomes an update method for the easiest kitchen decoration. Sleek, and also easy in placement becomes an alternative to large hoods that are transparent and charming.

For homeowners who want to improve their kitchen, they will really consider all aspects, and if you are one of them, you have to answer these questions to get the best kitchen for you.

1. The purpose of kitchen renewal?
For a purpose, you have to really pay attention to what you want to sell your house for. Updating your kitchen can be a plus in selling your home. Or are you just following the trend to increase the appeal of the kitchen?

2. How long you will stay?
If you are a new homeowner and only want to stay in a few years, you should consider how you renovate the kitchen to a completely different look. Something good is not always expensive! remember that, and something expensive is not necessarily going to last long. In the selection of ingredients, you must really understand how they will help you in your kitchen.

Kitchen Plants You Must Have For Air Quality

3. Allergies and health problems?
In decorating the kitchen, consider whether your family has problems with breathing or asthma? You should consult with your contractor. Ask them to look for ingredients that will be safe for asthmatics, to keep them away from shiny varnishes and urea and phenol-formaldehyde in your kitchen.

4. Budget?
For this matter, only you can answer that! Do not force your finances in redecorating the kitchen, because that will not make you comfortable!


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