Kitchen Space Design Ideas

When starting a kitchen decorating project, you will start by considering the placement as well as the distance from one item to another. Arrangement and selection can be very tempting when decorating in a kitchen, but you must know the limitations that exist in it. Limits apply to some areas in the room, especially for important items such as the work area (distance between the aisle and the work desk, free area, seating, even the laundry area). Talking about the boundaries in the kitchen, then we will start by creating a distance in each of the existing kitchen space designs to maximize the decoration.

To facilitate the arrangement of the kitchen in your home, we have summarized the recommendations for kitchen space design and the existing limitations. So, start reading for more info!

Recommendation of Kitchen Space Design Ideas Must Try

Recommendation of Kitchen Space Design Ideas Must Try

Recommendation of Kitchen Space Design Ideas Must Try

Kitchen triangle spacing
To start setting up the kitchen space design, we can start by setting up the kitchen triangle. The kitchen triangle is a design concept that is highly recommended for placing the 3 most common (important) work areas such as the stove, refrigerator and sink. Optimizing the kitchen triangle is a very common thing that has been done for years, and it works really well for any existing kitchen.

Triangular variations can be obtained with several special conditions:

  • The kitchen triangle should be at least 26 feet
  • The longest leg is 9 feet
  • And the shortest is 4 feet

This requirement is a way to maintain the existing distance in the kitchen area, with the provision of maintaining the function of the kitchen itself.

Distance in each work area
To make the work more optimal, the thing that must be done when determining a kitchen space design is to leave enough space! This includes both the meter table and the kitchen island:

  • Have a minimum size of 42 inches in a kitchen with one cook
  • 48 inches in size for a kitchen with an area of more than 1 chef

Given that the kitchen is a congested area with high traffic, having the right kitchen space design arrangement will support the various work that will be done there.

These kitchen space design tips will help to differentiate the work area aisle, which allows you to move from one area to another more easily and also have more regular traffic.

Kitchen traffic
Make sure you have a traffic-free area there, a walkway not an area used for various jobs in your kitchen. It functions like a hallway, which is used to travel freely without the slightest obstacle.

For this area we recommend that you have a footprint that is at least 35 inches in size, but you can make it any way you like.

Seating arrangements in kitchen space design
The seating arrangement in the kitchen is very flexible and can suit the personal needs of each chef. The most sensible seating area is in the location of the breakfast bar or kitchen dining table area (not a dedicated dining area).

  • You have at least 44 inches of free space behind the sitting area
  • 36 inches on the back side edge of the sitting area
  • 32 inches for free traffic.

Accuracy of the dishwasher area
You need to know that the dishwasher and sink area is an area that can easily become congested and must be near the existing drainage and water supply.

  • You should have at least 36 inches from the dishwasher to the sink. This is to allow the chef to move dishes from the sink to the washing machine, and also make it easier to get the connection under the table between the sink and the washing machine.
  • Dishwasher to nearest base cupboard at least 20 inches. To give the dishwasher door more open area.

Landing Area
This is a countertop space that gives you the convenience of placing the various items at hand, often items from the sink, stove, oven, and refrigerator. Often times this area has a placement close to the kitchen table! Basically, the landing area is the area for the absolute minimum on the table that is needed in a certain area. Here are the recommendations for a kitchen space design that you can try:

  • Sink area, at least 24 inches on one side and 18 inches on the other
  • Fridge, with 15-inch handle on side
  • Cooking surface, at least 13 inches on one side and 15 inches on the other.
  • Oven, 15 inches close together or at oven level

By taking into account of the kitchen space design in advance, you will find it easier to make arrangements in your kitchen. This method is a more effective step in order to get a more functional kitchen area for you.

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