Nothing is more enjoyable than the ease of switching from the fridge to the sink or to the hob when cooking in the kitchen. It’s not about the size you have, but understanding the kitchen triangle concept will make it easier for you to work there. The three main points in the kitchen itself are the cooking area (hob or oven), the washing area, and also the storage.

The concept of the Kitchen triangle design itself means that the distance in the work area is not too close and not too far to facilitate work in the kitchen. At the very least, you should have about 4 feet from one point to another in the kitchen and also leave enough room for preparing meals.

Even though there are no special rules in the Kitchen triangle design, with this standard measurement it will make it easier and help you to get a better flow of work in the kitchen. To determine the layout of the kitchen triangle, you must also understand the layout that is most appropriate for it! Here are some kitchen layout arrangements that work well for your triangles.

Kitchen Triangle Design

Galley style kitchen for Kitchen Triangle Design
This form of kitchen is often used in narrow or rectangular spaces, where the worktop is evenly distributed on both sides.

This kitchen style keeps the stove, sink, and dishwasher on one side with space flanking both of them for various meal preparations. Meanwhile, place the refrigerator on the other side facing your cooking area.

Before this style was redone, kitchens often lacked space for the preparation area as the existing refrigerator cut between the hob, sink and dining table on one side. Meanwhile, the sink does not have enough storage area at the top or at the bottom. The table which serves as the preparation area and dining area beside the cooking area, and the ref has been moved next to the ref and sink which has a dishwasher and top cabinet.

G style kitchen
Basically, this kitchen has a fairly unique shape like the letter “G” with short sleeves which is often used for small peninsulas. This peninsula is used to place a sink, or is often used for the cooking area and also serves as an additional dining area in your preparation room.

This G-shaped kitchen comes with a fairly wide sink and a single-lever pull-out faucet on a short arm, a hob, fridge, cupboards, as well as a prep table with long arms. This form allows the user to have more preparation and storage areas, and the elevated counter functions as a buffet and breakfast area.

This shape is really a great choice of ideas with a Kitchen triangle design that provides a more optimal area of motion with a clear flow.

Layout with an island in the center
Kitchens with the island in the center of the room are a very common option and are used in a variety of styles. The island in the middle of this space is used as a kitchen table and also an optimal preparation area.

Several benches are placed there with a placement that does not hinder the workflow, and also minimizes the steps from one point to another.

This kitchen with an elongated island is an excellent choice for an integrated kitchen as well as a dining area. Not only that, the sink on the island is often used as an additional preparation area that makes it easier for you to entertain guests.

L shape
This layout functions at the corner of the room and provides a flowing flow of ink without disturbing the existing work sense. With ceiling-high top cabinets and base cabinets sharing space on one arm with a sink and hob, this style has a Kitchen triangle design that makes it easy for cooks to reach it with ease.

U style
This layout is ideal for rooms with large or small sizes, even with a limited square area, the U style still comes with a Kitchen triangle design that has a clear and very smooth workflow.

This style comes with more space for a large central island with a large enough sink on one side adding a prep or bark sink to the island will make it easier to prepare cooking and washing food in one area.

Apart from the kitchen layouts above, you will also get several other layout options. Check here for some of the best kitchen layout recommendations.

Basically, Kitchen triangle design is a guideline for doing kitchen design and helps to plan a more efficient work area with clearer traffic. This is a triangle that connects the main components in the room such as the stove, sink, and refrigerator. With a distance of 4 and 9 feet, each cook will be more mobile and preparation activities will be more effective.

To get an effective Kitchen triangle design, the triangle concept itself must be substantial in the design and layout of the kitchen.

  • The sum of the three sides of the triangle cannot be more than 26 feet
  • Each leg measures 4-9
  • No traffic passes through the triangle

To get the best Kitchen triangle design, there are several things that must be considered!

Kitchen Work Area
The kitchen is not just about cooking, preparation and cleaning too! In fact, the kitchen is becoming more multifunctional than some people claim. So, when designing a kitchen triangle, you have to be more flexible and make arrangements based on frequent activities (always there).

This area is a storage area for various consumables and non-consumable items such as fresh food, frozen food, canned food, and so on. This zone you will get when you place the main kitchen, and also the refrigerator.

Keeping this area close and easy to access will make the Kitchen triangle design work even better.

Storage sink
This area is often built into the area around the sink, including things like dishwashers, trash, as well as various household cleaning items and brooms. You should also install a waste cupboard near the sink to get a more comfortable space and ensure cleanliness is maintained.

Preparation storage
This is a storage area with easy accents to utensils, towels, as well as plates or bowls. When creating this area, be sure to pay attention to what items are needed such as a basic drawer or a roll-up cabinet.

Food storage
As well as the hob, you should also pay attention to where the built-in microwave and oven are located. When considering cooking storage, you should start by planning a landing area for hot dishes as well as storage for your utensils, pots, pans, and toaster as well.

To get the best Kitchen triangle design, making sure the work flow goes well is your obligation. So, make sure the triangle area actually works as it should. This will also make your job easier.

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