Know the Living Room Decoration That Makes You Uncomfortable min

Know the Living Room Decoration That Makes You Uncomfortable

Living Room Decoration

Hmmm, we have made many articles relating to the living room decoration. And having tricks on how to decorate a room is a skill that every homeowner must have! This skill can be acquired naturally and there are some who take the time to practice for several years to possess this skill.
There is one thing that is important as decoration is what is the prohibition in decorating the room. A simple mistake in decorating the living room will make your room feel very chaotic and messy! Of course, this is not an intent to destroy the room decoration, but maybe you have made some mistakes in decorating the room! Here are some common mistakes that will destroy your living room…

Living Room Decoration That Makes You Uncomfortable

Know the Living Room Decoration That Makes You Uncomfortable min

Furniture Selection
Furniture that rests in the living room is not just a decoration! This is not because a piece of furniture looks great, you will take it home! Even a sofa with style and trend at this time can be useless when you do not get comfortable when sitting there. Remember also buying a sofa is not a cheap investment! And when you are wrong in the selection of this sofa can destroy everything … To get comfort in furniture, make sure you test it in the store before taking it home! Lie down, sit down, and take positions like when you are at home.
Bringing useless items (uncomfortable) to the guest room is one of the easiest ways to destroy the decoration of your living room.
The use of paint color
Although you have filled the living room with a variety of beautiful and comfortable furniture, do not pay attention to the color of paint on the walls, this will also destroy the impression of your living room. This does not mean that we require you to use neutral colors for a safe selection of paint colors in the living room, but we prefer when we test different colors before we choose a few colors to warm the living room. To get the best paint in the living room, you can consider the style of your room. Remember! Paint is a fairly cheap living room investment option and this can be a late choice. Use your time to determine investment in some decorations that have high prices, and to paint the room you can replace it every few years when you want a new impression in the room.
The use of large overheads can give the impression that the room feels heavy and the ceiling is softer. However, when you want the impression of a room that feels light and spacious you can use a leaner overhead option. And for those of you who want to reflect light on each side, you can choose overhead with crystals to reflect light in every corner of the room.
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Watch your room! Do all the sofa legs lean on your carpet? If that doesn’t mean your carpet selection is too small! The main mistake of homeowners when decorating their room is when bringing a carpet too small for the room. A carpet is actually an item intended to lock furniture on it. If you can bring home a large carpet that can accommodate all parts of the sofa then this will be good! However, if that is not possible then at least bring a carpet that can accommodate the front legs of your sofa and chair (Make sure the carpet does not cover the legs of the sofa and chairs).
When you try to follow the trend, maybe this is the fastest way to destroy the decoration of your living room. When trends come in a variety of styles and look good in stores, this won’t always look good for your living room!

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