Know Which Vinyl Vs Laminate Flooring Is Best For You

Know Which Vinyl Vs Laminate Flooring Is Best For You


How is your floor? Are they really what you originally wanted? If you imagine floor coverings that have long-lasting, economical, and provide more traction in the room and you can install yourself maybe vinyl or laminate flooring can be an option for your installation!

Both of these flooring options have an easy installation level, and they remain durable and attractive in any room. However, how will you choose your floor? Which floor is the best choice for decorating the room?

Know Which Vinyl Vs Laminate Flooring Is Best For You

Know Which Vinyl Vs Laminate Flooring Is Best For You
Know Which Vinyl Vs Laminate Flooring Is Best For You

Which Vinyl and Lamination is the best?

These two interesting types of flooring are the talk of decorating the floor in a room. In our article, we discuss the most striking differences between these two types of flooring. Let’s look and determine the floor of your choice.

Vinyl; Vinyl is a floor with 100% synthetic material. This floor is divided into two types of sheet types, and standard vinyl tiles. The basic layer of this floor is fiberglass coated with vinyl PVP and plasticizer. The vinyl sheet is scraped and then embossed with a cracked surface.

Even the mold from the vinyl wear layer is applied with a waxless polyurethane coating. Vinyl plank flooring, with a core layer in it, is thick multi-layer PVC vinyl. The more luxurious vinyl flooring comes with boards and tiles that allow you to install it in a floating floor position. For luxury vinyl boards you can get a thickness of 5mm and a vinyl floor of about 1.5 mm.

Laminate; This floor has similarities with the type of luxury vinyl flooring in terms of appearance and how to install it. A striking difference between the two floors is that the core of the laminate is made of wood byproducts that are bonded with resin.

With a top surface that has a layer of hard plastic wear that is transparent by covering the printed layer. You will get a floor thickness of up to 12 mm for this type of floor.

For laminate flooring, you will find a special area that you cannot attach to or less recommended for installation. Moisture is a major factor in the installation of laminate floors. And for vinyl, you can install in every area of your home.

Installation of laminate flooring that you should consider:

  • The bathroom, the bathroom became a restricted area for the laminate floor (never tried it).
  • Powder Room, Maybe you can still install laminate.
  • Kitchen, you can try it in the kitchen too.


Floor View
Laminate; These floors will give you a dramatic and very real three-dimensional impression of your floor surface, they come with an accurate picture with the material drawn on it (wood, ceramic, and brick) Which picture do you want for the laminated floor?
Vinyl; This floor will give a realistic impression in your room, especially when you use a luxury vinyl floor for your room. Vinyl flooring has a thick and dense core that makes them look like wooden floors that give the impression of deeper embossing.
Laminate; This floor has a core of fiberboard. These wood fiberboards or products become soft and swell when they are exposed to water. The core of the fiberboard when dry will stop the dimensions, and the wear and design layers will peel off when the core is flooded. For repairs to the page of the floor is impossible! So you have to replace this broken floor.
A properly installed laminate floor, with tight seams and good planks or molds, can tolerate collected water, but only for a short time. For family bathrooms or other areas where there is standing water, laminate floors are a bad choice. If you can dedicate yourself to cleaning spills and stagnant water once in a while immediately, then the laminate floor can be used in areas with low humidity.
Vinyl; Become the choice of floors with an older shape and without a waterproof protector. However, the integration of the latest vinyl flooring with 100% polymer flooring material, makes the luxury vinyl flooring able to withstand long periods of water immersion, dry, and then wet again? No problem!
Floor Care
Laminate; You must clean this floor before you clean it, you can clean it with a dry mop or with a broom. To provide moisture on the laminate floor, you can use a cloth that is slightly damp (moist).
Vinyl; Vinyl with strong features gives you the ease of care and cleanliness. This floor has good conditions for you to clean with a wet mop, and also for you to rub it clean with cleaning products.
The best care for Vinyl flooring; Vinyl and laminate floors have an easy level of cleanliness, but vinyl floors are floors that allow you to do all the cleaning methods! Sweeping, mopping, scrubbing is not a problem for vinyl.
Laminate flooring; has a long endurance with maintenance that is said to be easy. However, there are many layers of flooring that end up with delamination from time to time when they are exposed to water for too long. And remember laminate cannot be repaired!
Vinyl; The lowest quality vinyl can be exposed to delamination. And also for vinyl tiles that are not installed properly can be loose in the interval of time. In this case, Vinyl becomes the floor with the strongest durability for rooms with high traffic.

Vinyl flooring is the best floor in terms of durability.

This floor has long durability, easy maintenance which makes this floor the best choice in your space. This floor has become a commercial choice for durability and maintenance.


Laminate flooring; in the laminate floor mounting model using the click and key technique, where you will attach the tongue to one board and attach it to the groove of the adjoining boards at another angle. And the first board is folded down so it is parallel to the other boards with the aim of uniting and closing the seams from the board.

Vinyl; No different from laminate, this floor also uses the click and lock method in its installation. The first scoring mark is made to make it easier for you to install and then tap backward and the second cut is made from the back. Vinyl sheets make this material require teamwork in installation.

The large, heavy material makes it difficult to make cutouts from this sheet. So for vinyl installation, many professionals are needed.

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Floor fee

Laminate; It will require that you spend around $ 1.00 per square foot for boards with a thickness of 7mm and $ 5.00 per square foot for thicknesses of 12mm.

Vinyl; The cost you need is around $ 1.00 per square foot for thin vinyl with glue. And $ 5.00 per square foot for luxury boards with premium brands.

Life Floor

Vinyl flooring; Luxury vinyl will last up to 20 years with a good installation. While laminate will last around 10-25 years with regular maintenance.


Laminate; Laminated flooring products give you a product with good recycling requirements. However, inside the laminate, they still use a surface with plastic, and also melamine resin.

Vinyl; Being a flooring material that has increased green status in the past year. Some vinyl products even offer products from low emission ingredients.

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