Laminate Flooring Buying Guide That You Must Know

Laminate Flooring Buying Guide That You Must Know

Laminate Flooring Buying Guide

The choice of laminate flooring is one idea for a floor with durability and appearance that resembles a hardwood floor (at a lower cost) and comes with more styles to bring home. The appearance of the laminate can resemble various wood finishes such as oak, walnut, maple, hickory, and so on. This option is also an idea for DIY flooring that is perfect for you. However, it’s a good idea to read about this laminate flooring buying guide before going to the store and picking up the wrong floor.

Laminate Flooring Buying Guide That You Must Know

Laminate Flooring Buying Guide That You Must Know
Laminate Flooring Buying Guide That You Must Know

Basically, lamination is a synthetic product made of several layers that are sealed during the lamination process. This floor is designed in such a way as to be a durable floor, with 4 components:

  • Wear Coating: It is a wear layer that helps to resist scratches from everyday wear and provides a layer that eases the cleaning process and keeps the appearance beautiful.
  • Decorative Layers: These are printed images that give the appearance of wood, tile, and stone.
  • Core Layer: A layer that has a structure and is a layer that resists dents (better than real wood).
  • Support: This is the final layer that provides additional support and stability for the floor.

Laminate flooring buying guide about the installation place?
Laminate flooring is a material that is designed with very strong durability and makes it a very suitable flooring option to be placed in areas with high traffic. Like a family room or a porch, however, laminate floors have many styles that you can bring home and make them perfect for a variety of places in your home.

With the existing details and styles, this floor has its own visual appeal. Moisture-resistant materials and installation make laminates perfect for kitchens as well as bathrooms. Even the basement is not a problem for him, what is needed is to read product information and underlayment on the laminate material.

There are several very important things that can be entered into the laminate flooring buying guide, including:

Laminate Flooring Buying Guide Thickness Choice
This floor comes with a thickness of about 7 millimeters to 13 millimeters, when you compare floors it should be noted that some manufacturers often combine the thickness of the product (including the existing core and bearing). All laminate flooring options have the same dent resistance, a thicker floor makes a very sensible choice to resist bending that can occur in uneven areas of the subfloor.

Laminate Flooring Buying Guide Wide Choice
This board comes with many width options from less than 5 inches to 8 inches or more.

Various finishes can be selected according to your needs, finishes that can be considered include cherry, chestnut, hickory, oak, maple, pine, and walnut.

AC level
Or it can be called the Abrasion criterion (this is an increase which is an indication of how strong the floor withstands wear levels measured on a scale of 1-5).

  1. Ac1: This is a special level for homes with little traffic.
  2. Ac2: Is an option for moderate traffic levels
  3. Ac3: This is a good enough laminate for use in all (even high) pedestrian traffic areas
  4. Ac4: Is a design for a residential area that is used for all traffic and by some commercial standards
  5. Ac5: Is the choice to withstand solid commercial traffic indoors.

laminate flooring buying guide that is no less important is the choice of floor texture. Since laminates come with many textures to choose from, it’s a good idea to consider some of the textures before buying.

  1. EIR (embossed or embossed in register): An all-encompassing texture that simulates the appearance of a hardwood floor with added depth and a harmonious texture to the decorative finish design.
  2. Hand-scraped: Pressed texture to make laminate floors look as tough as natural hardwood floors
  3. High Gloss: This is a choice of flooring with a glossy, mirror-like appearance with resistance to rips and dents.

You need to know that not all laminate floors can be installed with heating underneath. Given a laminate compatible system, you will have to embed the tissue in thin sets or do the leveling prior to installation.

Water resistance of floors
One of the things about laminate flooring is its resistance to moisture and stagnant water. To make it more resistant to standing water, you will need to install 100% silicone sealant and 3/8-inch foam support bars around the room.

Floor fixing tools and materials
Laminate is a flooring material by means of a floating installation, which means there is no bonding to the subfloor and glue or nails there (this is what makes flooring projects so easy to do).

There are some laminate floors that come with acoustic pads which make the project easier to install, but there are some that require you to use an underlayment first before installing. Its use provides protection against moisture, thermal insulation, and minimizes imperfections in the small sounding subfloor.

When laying floors, you can get coordinated matching cuts or grinders such as quarter turns, thresholds, T-prints, plinths, and reducers.

Floor tools
You will also need pull-out blades, spacers, and tapping beams to do your laminate installation. In addition, silicone and foam support rods measuring 3/8 inch are items that keep the floor more resistant to water in a humid room.

Laminate Floor Treatment Project
The laminate flooring buying guide is not only a consideration of how the floor will appear in your room but also about how often you have to clean the floor to keep it looking optimal in the room. Here are some tricks you can do to keep the floor looking.

  • Choose a cleaner for hardwood floors or for laminate floors (make sure to use enough water)
  • Sweep the floor at least twice a day, and clean it further every 2 weeks to minimize scratches
  • Clean up spills and stains often
  • Use the doormat at the front entrance to wipe off dirt
  • Use furniture leg protectors to deal with scratches that may be caused by furniture legs
  • Trim your pet’s nails to prevent scratching
  • never use steam cleaners or jet mops

Deep Cleaning for Laminate Floor

This laminate flooring buying guide will be your guide to choosing the best flooring for every room, even with this you can understand how best to maximize the appearance of laminate for years.

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