Laminate Flooring Installation Tips Like the Pro

8 Laminate Flooring Installation Tips Like the Pro

Laminate Flooring Installation Tips

Laminate floors were present and became popular in the 1940s and were present as one of the choices for kitchen table materials. And in the late 1980s, the kitchen countertop was replaced with granite and solid surfaces. However, when the mid-1990s plastic laminate came with a new appearance as a flooring material. Although they appear very fragile and unpleasant, laminate flooring is one of the most durable, stain-resistant, easy, and easy to install materials. Installing laminate floors is quite easy, but with these Laminate Floor Installation Tips, you will find it even easier.

What’s even more pleasing about laminate flooring options is that they have a look that resembles real wood. This is what makes it so popular!

What’s even more pleasant about these floors is that they can be installed using a floating method. You will not find glue or nails in the Laminate Flooring Installation Tips for the floating method! The tongue board and grooves are joined and floated on a thin layer of carpet making it easier to install.

Laminate Flooring Installation Tips Like the Pro

Laminate Flooring Installation Tips Like the Pro
Laminate Flooring Installation Tips Like the Pro

The floating method is one of the fastest and easiest ways for those of you who have a house with a new floor! You will spend about 4 hours on this mounting project for a space measuring 10×12 feet. Installation of this floor is very easy and fast because it does not require sanding or coloring. For those of you who want to do the Laminate Flooring Installation yourself, this tip is the most complete guide to try!

Items That Will Help Your laminate flooring installation tips:

  • Jigsaw Kit
  • Portable Circular Saw
  • Hive Tool
  • Laminate Flooring Cutter
  • Adjustable T-Square
  • Impact Drive Kit

Prepare Your Room
Laminate Flooring Installation Tips The first thing you do is prepare the room! If possible, you can start moving the furniture to another room to facilitate the installation process, but if the space is large enough you can move the furniture to one side of the room and keep moving until the floor is finished installing.

Then check if your room has a quarter-turn shoe print along the base of the baseboard print? If there is, then removing it before installation is a must. Pry out the shoe molds with the pry rod that has been prepared, but still be careful not to damage them!

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You should know that laminate will expand and shrink when it is exposed to extreme temperatures, so giving a 1/4- to 3/8-inch-wide expansion gap between the baseboard mold and the floor will help to solve this problem. The shoe print will cover any gaps and allow the board to move without any significant distraction!

When you remove and nail the shoe mold back, make sure to nail it to the plinth not the floor!

Laminate floors can also be used for the top of several flooring choices such as vinyl and wood. However, we recommend that you use the subfloor underneath, not the old floor!

Tidy up the door
What is quite inconvenient is when you install laminate near the door, the door casing and side frames may have to be trimmed to make it easier for the laminate board to be inserted into it. This is quite a hassle! However, it is better than laying the floor around the door only.

So, start by laying the strips of the rug underneath the front of the casing, and setting the plastic laminate sheet on top. This way, it will be easier for you to fit the wooden jumps correctly. Use a hand saw or a rated multi-tool to level the top of the floor with the existing casing. Repeat to cut the sleeve as well as the existing side posts and remove any remaining dust and debris!

Prepare your Subfloor
When you decide not to pile up laminate on the old floor, now is the time to silence every creak under the floor. Try to go around each side of the room and listen for any creaks, in areas where it does, use a drill without nails to push the drywall screws at least 2 inches through the subfloor in noisy areas.

When you find gaps, holes in the subfloor then fill them with wood putty or a compound that can evenly distribute itself.

Laminate flooring has support for a thin rubber underlay with the aim of forming a moisture barrier as well as providing an additional layer for the bottom cushion. This addition is also an option that mutes the sound when you walk there. Lining options can also vary, when buying laminates be sure to ask the seller their recommended coating!

Roll the undercoat from wall to wall and cut it across. Roll it up and cut it long and thread it into the bottom of your main layer. Make sure not to overlap any edges and do not pinch or glue the bottom layer to the subfloor.

You just need to hold the strips together and stick some tape to ensure that the floor doesn’t slide out of position!

One First Line Installation
Before you start any installation project, the first thing to do is to calculate the width of the planks in the first row as well as the last row. Laminate Flooring Installation Tips are done because they will produce a better, balanced appearance (when you find the same size at the beginning and end of the line).

Laminate floors are super easy because they have a tongue and groove system! In some cases, you will also have to seal the joints with a hammer and also flip the taps. When hammering does not go straight to the edge of the board as this can crush your board! Tapping blocks can be used on the ends of the boards to better seal the end joints.

Cut the Board
To cut vinyl planks, you can use all the cutting items you have at hand, such as an electric saw, a portable circular saw, a jigsaw, and a hand saw. If you want a longer cut, but are afraid of misalignment you can cover it with a shoe print.

Installation does have problems with the first and last rows, and the easiest way to attach the final row is to join the board from end to end! And tilt each line to the end. Make sure to line up each tongue and groove, then press down on the last line. Inserting the lever between the final rows and baseboards is also a Laminate Flooring Installation Tip that must be done! Don’t forget to slide a piece of plywood or hardboard behind the pry to protect your post!

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