Bedroom Plants

Who doesn’t want to sleep well and quietly at night? The bedroom is always the most pleasant space in the house to rest and replenish your stamina after a long day of work and activities. However, what makes sleep more restful and comfortable besides bedroom decorations and accessories? Maybe you forgot about plants! Bedroom plants come with a myriad of benefits for activities that will be done in the bedroom, become a great addition to accessories, become items to provide better sleep and provide a more relaxing burst of color.

But, when we talk about Bedroom plants we will have a lot more plants to go under. The selection of bedroom plants sounds like extra work, no wonder many homeowners feel hesitant about bringing plants into their room. This article reviews the best selection of bedroom plants to help you choose minimal maintenance plants for your bedroom.

List Of Bedroom Plants

Bedroom Plants

Bedroom Plants

Peace Lily
Peace lily has always topped the list of plants with easy-care, apart from having easy care this plant has long durability and is very popular in the bedroom area. Their glossy leaves thrive in high or low light making them ideal for ornamental plant lovers. One thing to pay attention to when bringing these plants in is to give them enough water, Peace Lilly is a plant that likes water.

Placing it in an area near the window will allow increased production of white flowers and last for weeks.

Parlor Palm
This one plant doesn’t really like direct sunlight because it can burn its leaves. However, when they get a suitable light in their room, they will be able to place it anywhere such as the office, bedroom, living room, and even the mall.

However, this plant will grow better when placed near the bathroom. The humidity produced by the bathroom will support the growth of this plant.

British ivy
These plants will thrive in a variety of lighting, they will be more attractive when placed in a hanging basket or on a table. The good news about these plants is that they will survive without water for a whole week.

English ivy can be said to be a plant that has a high level of aggression, with its vine vines. However, with a little creativity, you can use it to propagate on the trellis, hoops, with its beautiful shape, this plant can be turned into a living work of art.

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Snake Plant
Just like Peace Lily, this plant is also a favorite for Bedroom plants. The leaves have a coarse texture and can adapt to any conditions even for harsh conditions such as in West Africa which has bad soil conditions and irregular rain.

Throwing water every few weeks, and their strong leaves make them a tough plant choice to kill.

Fiddle Leaf Fig
They are such a trendy houseplant that they will often adorn home magazines and more home blogs. With the large leaves of these plants that can be used as the focus of space, lighting is very important to keep them alive and lush in your bedroom.

With the plant’s habitat in the forest making this plant prefer a slightly dim area (without direct light), this plant will grow well in a bedroom with a window facing the east. In addition to liking light with moderate intensity, this plant also prefers enough water to stay alive and fertile.

Spider Plant
The spider plant will fill your bedroom with a million fresh and pleasant air. This plant will grow well and produce more leaves, by investing in a single plant you can easily grow it. A selection of Bedroom plants will grow in a variety of light intensities with little humidity, when you find the plant tips turning brown immediately water them!

Aloe vera
These plants are also very suitable for Bedroom plants, they won’t even force you to do regular watering. In fact, they won’t even mind when you don’t water them for a few weeks. This plant has an offset that can be used as a new plant brood, and its meat can be used as first aid for burns.

They are non-fussy bedroom plants, so they are best placed in a hanging basket in the corner of the room. Philodendrons are easy in the various lights available, but they will become thin when the light is a little dim. Not much water is needed, less is better.

In several choices of Bedroom plants above can be very effective choices for your room. Make your choice and get Bedroom plants with easy care.

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