List of The Best Flooring for Pets You Should Consider

List of The Best Flooring for Pets You Should Consider

The Best Flooring for Pets

Right now, I’m going to ask pet owners wherever you are! Have you ever thought that pets are one of the factors causing fatal damage to your floor? Scratches, stains, and animal hair are often important issues to anticipate. A house building or remodeling project with pets in it? Then you must understand about the best flooring for pets because not all floors can match your pet!

However, you don’t need to be afraid to bring pets into the house. Because raising animals and maintaining a beautiful floor look can be done simultaneously. All you need to do is understand and be able to get the right floor for your room. There are several important factors for choosing the best flooring for pets, here are some things to watch out for:

  • Resistance to scratches; There are several species of dog that have long sharp nails that can scratch the floor and damage it slowly, and often the dogs will scratch the floor while they are playing. In fact, you won’t even be able to stop your dog from scratching, as scratching is one of his natural strokes. Whatever breed of dog you have, choosing a floor with resistance will be a way to minimize scratches and keep the floor more durable.
  • Stain Resistant; Apart from scratching, even trained pets can stain your floor!
  • Comfortable and safe; Your pet should also feel comfortable and safe like other residents of the house! So, make sure you get the best floor with safety, as some floors have chic appeal but not security.

List of The Best Flooring for Pets

List of The Best Flooring for Pets You Should Consider
List of The Best Flooring for Pets You Should Consider

Bamboo Flooring
There are a few things to look out for when choosing bamboo flooring for a house with pets! Bamboo flooring is one of those hard floors and is perfect for heavy and large dogs, but unfortunately, it is not very good for scratching. In fact, many homeowners complain that the floor becomes covered with scratch marks after 2-3 years, it can be even worse if you have large animals.

However, the good news about bamboo is its stain resistance and easy cleaning properties. With this convenience, it will be easier for you to clean the floor when your pet is salivating and drooling on every side of the house.

And bamboo is also the best flooring material because they are very environmentally friendly. The ease of growing bamboo without having to use fertilizers, pesticides, and bamboo has a good impact on the environment around you to reduce carbon footprint and prevent erosion. With several advantages, scratches remain a natural enemy of bamboo flooring!

The top recommendation on our list for the best flooring for pets is vinyl flooring! Vinyl provides more benefits for an affordable price and easier maintenance. What’s even better is that it has resistance to scratching from your pet’s nails.

Not only that, but vinyl floors can be very resistant to existing stains, if you are worried about small pets on the floor or drooling here and there the vinyl floors will hold them and be easy to clean. However, when you catch saliva or urine from a pet, it’s a good idea to wipe it off immediately!

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Taking too long to let your saliva reminisce will become a place for mold and mildew to develop in your room. Vinyl is really comfortable even for pets. It’s cheap, easy to maintain, resists scratches better, and has an affordable value to buy. What else could you lack?

The best flooring for pets that should be considered next is laminate flooring! This floor has the strength and ability to withstand scratches from your pet. What’s more, its appearance that resembles wood or stone makes this floor look even more charming. Laminate floors are a very sensible option for the attractiveness of wood but not the disadvantages.

Apart from its elegant appearance, this floor is easy to clean, so it is perfect for rooms with pets inside. The downside that I often complain about using this floor is when the floor has a lot of spills! When a pet puts too much pressure on the floor with its urine and saliva, it may take a long time for you to replace it.

Not only that, but this floor is also very smooth, which makes it difficult for pets to walk on it. Slips and injuries are common in pets (especially for very active animals). Use floors with raised finishes to minimize slipping!

With its elegant appearance and adding to the sale value of the home, hardwood floors are a very popular option to consider. However, this material is not the best flooring for pets to consider! Some hardwood flooring bases perform poorly to withstand spills and are prone to wear (especially for large pets or more than one animal).

The good news is, this isn’t for every type of hardwood! For the selection project the best flooring for pets from hardwood, you can make a selection based on the hardness of the floor. The harder the floor, the better it is at resisting scratches and scuffs that your pet can generate.

Our recommended choices are hardwoods such as cherry maple, oak, mahogany, elm, and hickory. Avoid using cedar, pine, fir, redwood, or birch floors as these can be too soft to withstand the scratches of your pet.

Although hardwood looks very sturdy, protecting it is also a must! Cover your floors using urethane. Covering it with urethane will make the wood floor more durable, resistant to stains, and minimize damage caused by liquids.

The floor made from cork is the best flooring for pets which is highly recommended! Not only as a floor with resistance from scratches, high traffic, this floor is also hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial which is very good for your room. Cork is also a very environmentally friendly choice as is bamboo.

For moisture resistance, this floor is also a pretty good choice (to some extent). Even if your pet’s saliva and urine are tolerable, you should clean them quickly to minimize damage permanently. And here’s the good news, this floor is very easy to clean and does not leave stains.

Cork flooring can be an option that gives a warm and comfortable feeling to its users! The problem is that the level of smooth finish can make the floor very slippery, and the risk of slipping will haunt you. A room with heavy furniture can cause permanent dents to the floor surface.

Stone Tiles
Everyone knows that stone flooring is a very expensive option for home decorating projects! However, unfortunately, this is the best flooring for pets that should not be forgotten. Its scratch resistance makes stone tile floors especially suitable for homes that have dogs with large nails that have the potential to damage the floor.

Ease of cleaning is also one of the advantages of this floor because all dirt and stains can be removed even in seconds! However, marble can be a more sensitive treatment option.

What you should know about using this material is that it feels less comfortable because it can be too hard and very walled. This is not a good base to lie on without rugs. Even though it is one of the most expensive materials for investing in a home floor, its use will give you a level of the home sale value.

Porcelain Tile
The best flooring for pets made of ceramic and porcelain materials has more benefits for those who have pets in their homes. It is like a stone with durability, scratch resistance, and is not easily scratched by liquids. This is a great material for pet owners.

Because they are often placed in kitchens and bathrooms, this proves that ceramic and porcelain tile floors are the best ideas for fluid and moisture problems. The downside is the same with stone tiles (hard and cold).

To keep the appearance of the floor you need to do a quick cleaning. Even stained tiles will give off a pungent and unpleasant odor when the dirt is left on too long. So some of these ways can be tried:

  1. Train pets
  2. Keep the animal clean and tidy
  3. Having a harder, more durable floor is a better choice for cleaning and maintenance projects for longer life.

So, you can get the best flooring for pets with several considerations. Make sure you choose materials that are easy to care for and fit within your budget.

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