Choosing a coffee table is one of the most important decisions and determines comfort in the room. The coffee table is often used as the center of a conversation area and handles items for practical purposes in the living room. They will be the place to put your drinks, magazines, and also the food that you serve. In order to make the living room more character, Living Room Coffee Table ideas will be a guide to make your choice.

The coffee table selection becomes a follow-up project once you’re done with specifying a sofa for the living room. This is because the coffee table is also the center of the living room. So, make sure you read the Living Room Coffee Table ideas before going to the furniture store and choosing a coffee table.

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

Selection of Living Room Coffee Table Ideas
To bring a sense of comfort in the living room, the size of the sofa and coffee table must be balanced. When you buy a coffee table, you should at least buy a coffee table that is 1/2 the size of your sofa or no longer than your sofa. And make sure your table is as high as the sofa, or a few inches lower!

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas Type
Living Room Coffee Table ideas, the next one is to choose the type of table for the living room. Basically, the existing selection can differ from one house to another. The choice of table type can be based on how your sofa is. When you use a sofa with a standard horizontal shape, then try to combine it with an oval or rectangular coffee table.

Meanwhile, when you have a sectional sofa or an L shape, try to include a coffee table with a round or square shape to make it fit! However, this is just a standard that we set ourselves. So, when choosing a coffee table, it all depends on how you can combine the shape of the sofa with the table itself.

Living Room Coffee Table Ideas About Shape

When determining the shape of the table, there are several forms that are very commonly used, including:

  1. Oval: Living Room Coffee Table ideas are great for balancing the look and function of the space. Because it provides more free area and also storage for various items on it. With its oval shape, this table does not have sharp corners, which could harm your children.
  2. Rectangle: This is a trendy, more modern-looking shape with the capacity for a larger amount of surface area to be used.
  3. Round: Their appearance makes them attractive to use, they can handle any form of space and are perfect for placing dinner plates and enjoying a midnight movie together.
  4. Square: These Living Room Coffee Table Ideas are a choice with an elegant and symmetrical look for the living room. It’s the most practical coffee table idea and sometimes with extra storage underneath.

Living Room Coffee Table ideas in terms of materials
We love how the copper and brass coffee table decorates the living room, but apart from these materials there are a few options to consider such as:

  • Marble: This material is very popular for various household items. Marble is a coffee table material that is quite expensive and also heavy but has a truly stunning appearance to decorate a room.
  • Brass: Coffee table made of copper and brass will present a vintage feel to attract more eyes.
  • Wood: A material suitable for those who use a farmhouse style will surely love the coffee table look of this one material.
  • Glass: Glass material is the best Living Room Coffee Table ideas to draw more attention to your conversation area.

Alternatives to Living Room Coffee Table ideas
In fact, you won’t be hanging around the traditional coffee table forever. In fact, many homeowners try to get various coffee tables with other non-conventional materials or items for making coffee tables. Some of these items to consider as a replacement for your coffee table:

  1. Ottoman: Ottomans are great to double duty as a place to put drinks in the living room. They even just need the addition of a small tray to keep your drinks balanced there.
  2. Nesting Coffee Table: This is a nesting table with 2-4 separate tables with varying heights and sizes that are put together and neatly arranged for a cluster table look. This is an idea to increase the extra dimension to the living room.
  3. Multiple side tables: the concept is almost the same as a nesting coffee table, you only need to bring 2-3 side tables and place them in the middle of the sofa in a neat and tidy arrangement to get the look and feel there as well.

Not only as a place to anchor food and drinks, but a coffee table that is arranged in such a way will provide more storage and versatile options for your living room. There is some really inspiring coffee table setting tips to try, here are some setting tips that you must try!

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Living Room Coffee Table Ideas More Confort

Bring in contemporary rugs
The coffee table is a very sensible place to place a few flowers, a pile of books, and also bring in some elegant candles that are in the cupboard. To create additional interest on the coffee table, we advise you to use complementary rugs!

And make sure it’s a big enough size! By using wider sized rugs, you will get a wider view of the space as well and provide a warm traffic area to walk on.

Bring in an item that stands out more
To make the coffee table more visually appealing, try bringing some statement items like a vase or other items like a minimalist sculpture or a brass bowl. An item that looks luxurious on the coffee table will instantly enhance the feel of the space.

Place the book on the coffee table
Anything you have on the coffee table should appeal more, be it a book, a houseplant, or a lovely vase. If you are a big fan of reading books, try to choose visually elegant books that are large enough to make the living room feel more luxurious.

The best arrangement is to arrange the best 2 or 3 books and place them next to your vase. This is a great tip for grabbing the attention of space users.

Balance in the living room
The next Living Room Coffee Table ideas are arrangements that balance the look in the room. A coffee table that is expertly arranged will be a way to beautify and enhance the quality of the decoration. When you start decorating using bold tones and dark furniture, try to fit the coffee table in a minimalist look.

However, when you have a rustic style in the living room try to bring a coffee table with a rustic feel too. This way, the coffee table will naturally blend into the living room and stand out even more. Before you decide on one, try to pay attention to the free area there is and choose a table that really complements the look of the space.

Try to overlay existing items
A coffee table with enough accessories will look better than a coffee table with more or fewer accessories. The balance of the display on the coffee table must also be considered! Because when you put too many or fewer accessories on there the table can get really boring.

Make the table a little more fragrant
The living room is a really crowded room with lots of activities in it! While they make the coffee, table look perfect and match the existing scheme, don’t let your table smell bad. Use a flower bouquet that looks visually appealing, or get a scented candle to enhance the charm of your living room. In fact, combining these two items will create a more charming living room charm and stimulate your sense of smell.

Keep the table to a minimum
Coffee tables are often complete with a bottom that serves as extra storage and this is especially useful for you. With the top and bottom, you will find it easier to find various places to place various items. However, make sure to avoid unnecessary piles.

Living Room Coffee Table ideas are to make it easy to place glasses and increase appeal in the living room, so when you bring too many of these items it can feel very chaotic and busy! Make sure to stack items as needed and minimize clutter (visually).

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