Living Room Color Options To Enhance Your Style min

Living Room Color Options To Enhance Your Style

Living Room Color

Have you ever heard of how colors give your room excitement and also extra warmth? The colors are located between gray walls with red or blue accents that give a spark of perfection into the room. A story that is like a fairy tale is, unfortunately, true after you hear this story you will dream of how bursts of luxury colors are located in your room and make the room provide warmth and excitement for you and your family. In creating a room of excitement at home, you will get a guide of your style and personality, the color you choose will be a regulator of how your mood and mood. Once you know how color has its own impression for the room, then you will understand how the benefits of color matching in providing dominant, secondary, and accent bursts into the room. Paint walls, furniture, and accents will become one in your room scheme later.

Living Room Color Options

Living Room Color Options To Enhance Your Style min
Living Room Color Options To Enhance Your Style min
Determine the atmosphere you want to create
You need to know, the mood can be created and you can make it! Ambiance has the intention of a tone, character, and atmosphere that will build your room. The color will have a big influence on a room, even with the color of your mood can change. Think about how the role of space in your life and color will enhance your mood. Consider several factors that influence:
  • The main functions of your room (watching TV, gathering places, reading)?
  • How long will you be in your living room (What time do you gather with your family)?
  • What room must have the energy to calm?
  • Can you bring sunlight?
Use Sunlight
Sunlight and bright tones are a combination that will be good for your room. When you sit in the living room during the day and you can bring in sunlight, then use bright tones for your walls. This method will make a room that has a bright color will combine with existing sunlight.
  1. Bright colors: Green Emerland will be more charming when they are doused with sunlight that enters your living room.
  2. Dark tones will also be the same, with incoming sunlight will make your room not look dark in full.
  3. However, remember when you want to use wallpaper in a room with plenty of sunlight you will only make the wallpaper color fade quickly.
Consider Using Bright Colors
When your room doesn’t have enough sunlight, or when you can only relax in the living room after work (at night) you can use some colors that will be good to help brighten your room.
  • Ivory or yellow is a choice in coloring rooms that will be good for living rooms with less lighting, because they will be more striking, and brighten the room.
  • You can use lights in cold tones in low-light rooms, lights in cold tones will make your room brighter and brighter.
Warm tones for the room
An impression that really makes you comfortable in the room is to use colors that will give you a warm tone! Dark red, orange, and some gold or brown colors will give your room a warm tone and extra comfort in the living room!
  1. This color will be attractive and effective when you use it for day or night, this color will provide comfort and not too dark for daytime use.
  2. To prevent you from getting too much energy emitted into the room, avoid using orange or red for the dominant color in the room.
  3. You might consider using earth tones: dark yellow, brown, and also red to keep your room warm and comfortable.
Relax in a cold tone
Blue, violet, and gray will give a calmer tone to the room.
  • For the living room that occupies when night falls, you can use blue tones to make you able to relax in your room.
  • However, green will also be a good choice for a more soothing and refreshing effect.
See your room
When you use a minimalist style room, you must use bright colors to make your room more open and spacious. Bright colors will make your room more rich and spacious instantly.
But when you use a room with a larger scale, dark colors will be the best choice for you. Because dark tones will make a room with a large scale more unified and more intimate. However, remember not to be dominant with dark tones in the room because it will make your room crowded and also cramped!
When choosing colors in the room, you can use the basic rules of 10-30-60. This rule will make it easier for you to choose colors in every room in your home. 10% for colors that will be the accent in the room, 30% for secondary colors in the room, and 60% for the use of dominant colors in the room.
  1. To choose a color that dominates the room, you must really think about what color will be good for your living room because this color will be the color that gives life to your room. Do not hesitate in choosing the dominant color in the room!
  2. For the use of accent colors in the room, the color you use is a thick color for accents.
  3. Color groupings are there and make your room coordinate well from the colors in the room.
  4. Use neutral colors as a basis for decorating your room.
Balanced with room furniture, In choosing the color in the room you must balance the coloring of furniture with the color in your room.
When you have furniture with a modern style, your room will be better with a white, black, or gray color scheme.
  • Furniture in a traditional style dining room will be both bright and modern for accent colors
  • And if your furniture has its own color, you can make it a secondary color to bind your room.
In a contemporary color scheme, you can give your room a subtle tone that is good for a contemporary scheme in your room. Light brown and gray will be the choice for the dominant color in your room and add a little dark color to produce a more charming accent.
Elegant Parisian Style Living Room Decoration
One way to make your living room look more modern and trendy is to use neutral tones for your room. Combine colors to make your room more modern, white becomes the dominant color and use black or gray as a secondary color in the room. But don’t be afraid to add bright tones for accents in the modern living room. Green or bright red will look great!
Traditional impression, for the traditional impression in the room you can use neutral colors on your wall with the addition of yellow, green, gray, or Prussian blue.

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