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When many people live and do various activities in the living room. Often we will also find piles of magazines and dust on each side of the room, not even rarely overlooked. And when you find an old sofa, you prefer to go to the store and bring a better sofa home. This method will not make your living room more comfortable!
To maintain the decoration and layout in the living room, it’s better to be prepared more carefully. To make the living room pleasant, you only need to minimize errors in your living room. Here are the tricks of the living room arrangement to keep it fun all year long.

Living Room Decorations

Living Room Decorations You Must Take Care of min

Living Room Decorations You Must Take Care of

1. Paint
This is a design enhancing factor in any room when you choose to paint in the room then you directly try to make the room feel more alive with an atmosphere that matches the color of the paint you are using. When choosing the right paint, pay attention to the color of your furniture! Furniture becomes an item with enough investment to drain your pockets. This makes it easier to adjust the color of the paint with the sofa than vice versa.
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2. Furniture
The living room is often space where we exhibit various furniture that we have, and many homeowners take furniture that looks good. However, they forget how comfortable when sitting there. Make sure you get comfortable when occupying your sofa because this will last for the next 10 years.

When you choose an armless sofa, pay attention to your choices! An Armless sofa is an attractive choice for the living room. But not for comfort when relaxing.

3. Accessories
A pile of magazines on a coffee table is not included in an accessory in the living room. However, accessories that hang on the wall can be a mood enhancer for users of space. Also pay attention to your placement and many accessories, too many accessories just make the room feel busy.
4. Chaos
This is a very common factor in the living room. Too many items that are not used anymore will make the room feel very boring. Choosing items that are still in use and bringing out items that are not in use is a policy to keep the living room fresh and pleasant.
5. Make sure your furniture
Some homeowners, when they need additional items in their living room, they will immediately go to the store and bring home what they need. However, is this really what you really need? A policy when you think about the various items that are really needed in the living room with a long term or only in a few months.
5. Scale
Look at the size in your living room, this is like when you have a large wall but only includes small artwork. Or a small rug in a large living room will look very strange in the room. This is not about as luxurious or expensive as the items available, but it is about balance!
6. Push into the Wall
Many homeowners prefer to bring their furniture closer to the wall to make the room feel bigger with a lot of furniture that can be input. However, in fact, this is a mistake in decorating the room. Pushing all the furniture against the wall will only make the room look smaller and narrower. You should keep the distance to the wall with furniture, this will increase intuition.

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